Tuesday 22 November 2011

ChokaBlok ice cream review

I always like getting involved in Bzz campaigns and spreading the word about new products but I have to admit that some are more enjoyable than others. I'll let you choose which one you think we had most fun with - the Lathams Veterinarian Approved dog food (that we reviewed here) or ChokaBlok luxury ice cream ! Although if you ask the Madhouse pets, they may not agree !

We love ice cream - both the kid friendly brands and luxury grown-up ones like Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry's that only come out when the kids are in bed ! - but I have to admit that we'd never heard of ChokaBlok. On their website, the brand promise "a little bit of magic in every tub" so we were really looking forward to seeing if they lived up to the hype.

ChokaBlok offer a wide range of products in both tub and stick form. Their flavours and totally indulgent ingredients again remind me of Ben & Jerry's, which is a particular favourite of ours. We had the choice of :

Cherry Bomb Brownie : "Our chefs' ultimate recipe for cherry chewiness. We take our creamy, whole milk cherry ice cream, add loads of cherries for chewiness, pile in gooey brownies and flakes of real chocolate, and then top it off with a big swirl of sweet cherry sauce."

Cookie Dough Mon-Star : "We take the perfect combination of choc chip cookie dough chunks and our sticky caramel sauce. We then drown it in our whole milk creamy ice cream. Finally, we scoop in a batch of our real chocolate mini stars."

Gold Digger Dynamite : "Our chefs charge up whole milk, creamy caramel and vanilla ice cream with chunks of honeycomb for a sweet, crunchy blast. Next they swirl in real chocolate mini caramel cups and our silky, sweet caramel sauce. Good luck trying to keep a safe distance from this one."

Billionaire's Shortcake : "Right on the money if you want whole milk, caramel creamy ice cream loaded with chocolate covered shortcake biscuit for crunch, chunks of our chewy caramel fudge for sweet stickiness and swirls of our luxurious caramel sauce."

The Chocolate Extremist : "This one is for serious chocoholics. We take a batch of our creamy whole milk, chocolate ice cream and pack it with gooey brownie pieces and chocolate covered, mini malty balls. Finally, it gets a great glug of our delicious, rich chocolate sauce."

The Rocky Road of Love : "There's nothing rocky about this flavour. In every tub we use rich chocolate and marshmallow ice creams, pack them full with milk chocolate hearts, chunks of crunchy biscuit, mini marshmallows and then add a good swirl of sticky toffee sauce."

Peanut Butter Nutter : "This one's for serious chocolate and peanut fans. Peanut Butter Nutter is a cheeky combination of chocolate and peanut butter ice creams, packed with milk chocolate covered peanuts, rich caramel sauce and real milk chocolate drops."

Although the name Peanut Butter Nutter seemed to tie in perfectly with Madhouse Family Reviews, we went for Gold Digger Dynamite and Billionaire's Shortcake. We originally only intended to buy one tub but we just couldn't decide between the two because they both looked and sounded so totally decadent and delicious.

You may notice a total lack of photos taken by me in this blogpost. That's because it was so delicious that I didn't dare nip off to get the camera because the whole lot would have been scoffed by the time I got back !

With hindsight, maybe we should have gone for the sticks to get around this problem ! They offer equally decadent ice cream in three flavours - The Chocolate Extremist, Billionaire's Dynamite and Peanut Butter Nutter - and all are covered in a thick layer of Belgian chocolate.

If I've got your mouth watering, you might like to know that you can use the discount code GRFKR3 to get a £1 discount when you buy ChokaBlok at Tesco. Even better news is that from tomorrow (23/11 - 6/12) the tubs are on special offer at £2.99 anyway so you should be able to pick them up for £1.99, which is almost half price. With all that Christmas over-indulgence coming up, it sounds like the perfect time for stocking up your freezer to me !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.79 for 3 bars, £3.99 for a 500ml tub

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  1. Oooh they look and sound gorgeous. Just what I could do with right now.

  2. I'm a BzzAgent too and have been fortunate enough to have been given the Chokablok vouchers. I have now tried all the flavours,(over a period of time I might add), my favourites being Billionaires Shortcake closely followed by Gold Digger Dynamite, but all the varieties are delicious! All have a lovely creamy taste and if you are a caramel lover then you must try some of these indulgent ice creams. Five stars from me, a real hit with all the family :)

  3. If you ever find yourself thinking do i really need to spend £5 on a tub of Ben & Jerry's or shall i chance the tesco 'premium' brand whats like half the price and equally as nice... Well dont be fooled! Ben & Jerry's wins this no comprimise! NO COMPRIMISE! it really is nothing special this ChokaBlok however when on offer, give it a try! i think you yourself will realise what i mean!

  4. The flavours are intriguing, the packaging is cool but the taste lets it down. Not a patch on Haagen Daz or B&J. I have tried the chocolate extremist which i would gladly exchange a 100 tubs of, for one tub of Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate. Also tried the peanut butter flavoured one. Nothing wrong with it but nothing particularly right either. In a blind taste test, I would have guessed it to be one of the cheaper store brands of icecream, costing about a quid and a half.


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