Monday 14 November 2011

Join The Movement : 1 ‘like’ = £1 = 1 tree

You probably remember the two Provamel cooking challenges that I blogged about a couple of months ago, making the highly impressive Autumn Fruits Pavlova (here) and Lemon & Lime Eton Mess (here). Well, I'm back with more news from Provamel who are pledging to plant 5,000 trees. To get involved, you just have to like their facebook page and it won't cost you a penny. Read on for more information :



Provamel has teamed up with forestry development charity TREE AID, to mark the launch of its ‘Join the Movement’ campaign this month.

A long-standing champion of tackling climate change and cutting carbon emissions, Provamel is committing £5,000 to plant and protect 5,000 trees in Africa’s driest lands.

The partnership with the charity forms part of Provamel’s newly launched ‘Join the Movement’ campaign: a public appeal encouraging individuals to pledge their support for plant-based eating, by shunning meat and dairy at least one day a week. This small change can drastically help to reduce the amount of carbon emissions, water and land used to produce meat-based foods.

The campaign is now live on Provamel’s Facebook page: . Provamel is urging Facebook users to pledge their support and help reach its target to plant 5,000 trees by ‘liking’ the ‘Join the Movement’ page. They can also find out more about the campaign and watch a ‘Join the Movement’ video clip, which aims to raise awareness of the positive environmental impact of plant-based diets. In return for every ‘like’, Provamel will donate £1 to TREE AID and a tree will be planted on their behalf.

1 ‘like’ = £1 = 1 tree

The donations pledged to TREE AID, the UK’s only forestry-based development charity, will support its ongoing ‘Tree Revolution’, which aims to see at least one million trees planted and protected in Africa by the end of 2011.

Provamel’s 5,000 trees will be planted by TREE AID specifically in the West African region of Mali, one of the harshest and driest environments on earth. On top of absorbing global carbon, helping in the fight against climate change and improving the local deforested environment, these trees will be used by hundreds of local people to fight poverty. With TREE AID’s help, more than 400 people will be taught to use trees sustainably to generate an income – meaning Provamel’s 5,000 trees will continue to yield benefits for years and years to come.

Known for its green credentials, Provamel has been taking steps to minimise its own impact on the environment for more than 30 years. At the heart of everything Provamel does is spreading the message that plant-based foods offer a more efficient and sustainable way to feed the world.

For more information on TREE AID, please visit:

Provamel’s ‘Join the Movement’ campaign will run until March 2012.
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