Thursday 10 November 2011

Lathams Veterinarian Approved Dog Food review

I have to admit that before Bzz Agent contacted me to ask if I'd like to join in their latest campaign, I'd never heard of Lathams dog food. As we have two dogs - Vicky and Didou, both bichon/Maltese balls of fluff ! - I nevertheless signed up to learn more.

I read the Bzz guide to find out more about about the brand and was impressed to see that it's a veterinarian approved, hypo-allergenic dog food but, unlike many similar high-quality brands, it's available in Tesco's which is great news. To be honest, the only time we've ever regularly bought premium, specialist dog food was when Vicky was pregnant and then feeding her puppies, because she needed the extra nutrition, but - even without taking into account the much higher price compared to "regular" supermarket dog food - it was a real pain having to make a special trip to the vet's or pet store to buy it. Being able to just grab a bag along with the weekly shop is a major advantage.

On paper, it all sounds very impressive indeed. Rich in meat and free from artificial colours and preservatives, Lathams' natural recipes are designed to maintain your dog's peak condition at each and every life stage. It contains hypo-allergenic, natural ingredients including sugar beet to support digestion, seaweed for iodine and iron, and Linseed oil — a source of Omega-3 fatty acids — to maintain a healthy skin and coat. The amount of each ingredient your dog needs depends on their breed, weight, size and age, so Lathams carefully balances each recipe to target their differing nutritional needs.

There is a wide choice of products available in the Lathams range, including :

Lathams Puppy (Turkey and Rice): Contains everything your puppy needs to develop into a healthy, active adult and gives nutrition where your dog needs it most, focusing on muscle and bone development

Lathams Puppy Large Breed (Turkey and Rice): Contains the balanced protein and fat levels large breed puppies need to develop healthy bones and muscles

Lathams Adult Large Breed (Lamb and Rice or Turkey and Rice): Contains the precise balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals that bigger dogs need to help maintain their health

Lathams Adult (Lamb and Rice or Turkey and Rice): Has the right mix of nutrients to support bone and joint health, muscle growth, metabolic function and digestion

Lathams Mature (Turkey and Rice): Contains key ingredients that can support the digestive and immune system of your mature dog. Recommended for dogs over 7 years old

Lathams Sensitive (Lamb and Rice): Supports your dog's digestive system with protein from a single meat source, prebiotics and a selection of natural and hypo-allergenic ingredients

Lathams Light (Turkey and Rice): Combines lower levels of fat with high-quality protein to help your dog maintain healthy muscle mass

Whenever you change your dog's diet, you run the risk of a few digestive problems while they adapt. To avoid an upset tummy, the folks at Lathams recommend gradually introducing the new food to your dog, mixing a little Lathams with the old food until it's eventually all Lathams. We did this and didn't have any problems.

As Vicky and Didou seemed to enjoy the Adult Turkey and Rice taster pack in the Bzz kit, that was the product we opted for when we took our voucher for a free bag to Tesco's. They've happily switched over to eating Lathams but to be honest, they're not fussy eaters. I haven't noticed any major changes, for better or worse, in their general health but it may be too soon to see a difference. I must admit that, as a human, it smells more pleasant than some of the other dog foods they've eaten in the past.

Lathams costs from £6.50 for a 2kg bag to £25.00 for a 10k bag, but there is some great news for those of you who like a bargain. Lathams will be half price from now until 22 November. If you do your shopping online, there is also currently a £1.50 discount code “GR7PFL” for

Finally, if you’re going to Discover Dogs 2011 at Earls Court on November 12 or 13, keep your eyes peeled for the Lathams stand, where you can get free samples, dog nutrition info and specialist veterinary advice. For more great reasons to attend the event, check out

star rating : 4/5

RRP : from £6.50 for a 2kg bag to £25.00 for a 10k bag

for more information :

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