Monday 7 November 2011

Dorset Cereals Limited Edition Gingerbread Hearty Porridge review

I've reviewed Dorset Cereals Porridge before here on my blog and it's always been well received by the whole family, so when I was asked if I would like to try out their new limited edition Gingerbread Porridge, I didn't hesitate for a second !

Dorset Cereals explain : "Deliciously comforting with real gingerbread pieces, our new Gingerbread Porridge incites feelings of homeliness, perfect for cold and rainy mornings. Like all our recipes, it’s made with real, kitchen-cupboard ingredients. Jumbo porridge oats, barley flakes to give it extra creaminess and crumbled pieces of gingerbread create a warming and hearty start to the day."

Well, that's basically taken the words straight out of my mouth. I made the comment that porridge is already a really warming breakfast but the addition of the mild gingerbread flavour creates an even more warming sensation in your tummy that seems to radiate through your whole body. Remember the Ready Brek advert from the eighties when the kid had that glow emanating from him after he'd eaten his breakfast ? Well, that's literally how I feel after eating a bowl of porridge !

Now, I always top my porridge off with something sweet. I love a sprinkle of crunchy Demerera sugar or a squirt of honey. Sometimes I stir in a spoonful of jam or Nutella. Well, when I prepared my bowl of gingerbread porridge, I totally forgot to add something to sweeten it. I thought I'd have to head straight back to the kitchen to rectify the situation but had a tentative nibble and decided it didn't need it. Whether that is down to it being sweet and tasty enough by itself without the addition of a sweetener or whether that's the Thinking Slimmer Slimpod (see here) doing its magic again, I have no idea, but either way, I ate the whole bowl with nothing added except milk.

100g of porridge as sold contains 363 calories, so a 42g serving with 150g of semi-skimmed milk contains a very reasonable 223 calories.

I was worried the gingerbread flavour would be overpowering but it isn't at all. It's a delicate hint of gingerbread and doesn't give you a gingery burning sensation in your mouth or throat at all. I can see this being lovely to use in apple flapjacks or as an apple crumble topping.

But, as it says on the box, catch it while you can because this is a limited edition and won't be around for long.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.19 for 10 sachets, available in Waitrose

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  1. I saw this advertised and was disappointed to find that it is only available to buy from Waitrose. It sounds like a lovely wintery flavour, and was thinking of trying to create my own gingerbread flavour using ground ginger, golden syrup and brown sugar. I will have to give it a go at the weekend.


  2. This sounds yummy. I love porridge and I love Dorset cereals.


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