Thursday 17 November 2011

Wordgame iPad app : Quarrel Deluxe

I was very happy to see that this time, the ipad app review code that we received was for a game for grown-ups more than kids ! Quarrel Deluxe is a fun but extremely addictive word game that people of all ages can enjoy. I've been playing it non-stop but I was also surprised to see that 10-year-old Sophie keeps coming back to it for a quick game too.

The basic idea reminds me a lot of the TV gameshow Countdown. You get a selection of letters and you have to find the highest scoring word you can using these letters. Certain difficult letters like Q, J and K are worth more points than vowels and easy to place letters.

But the extra element that makes it all even more fun is that each word "quarrel" will lead you to win or lose an area on your game board. You can take prisoners and use strategies to move your little people (representing the number of letters) around the board so that you have the highest possibility of winning your match. You get to choose the two squares that will face off so, depending on the number of people in them, you may pick a 6 square (so that you can make a word of 6 letters or less) to challenge your opponent's 3 square (so that they can only make a word of 3 letters maximum, which obviously stacks the odds in your favour !). This may sound complicated but it's really easy to pick up once yu start playing.

You challenge opponents in a one-on-one face-off and can select the person you want to "quarrel" with, depending on their IQ score ! This obviousy means that you can choose the difficulty level of the game, which is great if several players are playing on one account. Your own IQ score comes up too, along with various statistics like your best word, the time the game took to win and your highest scoring round.

A brilliant bonus for kids or people who want to improve their language skills is that at the end of each match, the app recognises your word and your opponents word and gives you the definition of them on the bottom of the screen. Sophie has been learning new words this way. Sometimes, if she can't find a word, she makes one up that sounds right and, if she happens to hit on a word that really exists, she's really chuffed to learn what her "made-up" word meant !

It's really quick to play - you can do a whole match in about 5-10 minutes - but it's so addictive that you'll end up playing for much longer than that !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.99

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  1. Sounds like it could be a good one to challenge your brain too. I love games & things that make the "little grey cells" do some extra work.

    Like they say if you don't use it you'll lose it. HEHE


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