Thursday 17 November 2011

Paint Your Own Russian Dolls review

A little while ago, I blogged some Christmas gift ideas from Find Me A Gift, including lists for girls (here), boys (here), teenage girls (here) and teenage boys (here). When we were given the opportunity of choosing a couple of products from these lists to review, it was a tough choice to make because there were so many that looked brilliant fun. However, as soon as I spotted the Paint Your Own Russian Dolls set, I just knew Sophie would love it. As you can see from the picture, I wasn't wrong !

The set contains everything you need - five Russian Dolls, four little pots of paint and a brush (which was a bit bent !). The paint can be left to dry normally or baked in a cool oven but I was worried I'd burn them so I didn't try this. Sophie would have gone absolutely mental if I accidentally destroyed all her hard work !

Sophie was blown away by how tiny the smallest doll was, saying that it would fit perfectly in the gap left by her molar that fell out yesterday ! The biggest doll is about 8.5cm tall.

This means that they are incredibly fiddly to paint without going over the edges so Sophie (ever the perfectionist !) was a bit disppointed that it wasn't absolutely neat and tidy ! She loves the finished product though - the dolls have pride of place on her bedroom shelf, and she can't stop taking them all apart and putting them back together again !

Russian dolls always have great appeal but the fact that you can actually make your own totally personalised dolls makes these ones even more special. They would be lovely to keep for yourself or to make as a special homemade gift for a grandparent or special relative.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £13.49

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  1. For this money I would expect at least a decent set of paints and a brush. Throw this brush! You need a good brush to paint. I have been teaching art for many years, and I am always appalled at the art kits for children, why do the brands think children can learn painting with cr888y brushes? If as a child, I had a brush like this, I would have never learnt anything. Sorry for my rant, but this is my pet hate. This is not a brush, it is an isntrument of torture. Of course, you daughter would find it difficult to paint with it. Neat work needs good tools. Also these paints look extremely cheap.
    I understand you are trying to do a positive review, but to be fair, this kit does not deserve praise.

  2. I'm not trying to do a positive review, I'm trying to do an honest review ! I said that the brush was rubbish but Sophie still loved the kit and is very proud of her finished creation. If you look at the picture, she was using the plastic end of the brush to paint on dots. We used one of our own brushes for the painting part, rather than the brush that came with the kit. Fair point about the brush not being up to standard given the price of the kit though.

  3. Brushes should not be made of plastic, full stop. I can see that Sophie enjoyed painting, and big well done to her for doing a great job.

    But I would not rate this product so high. 4.5/5 is a very good rating, way too high for this product, but that's my opinion, and I am not trying to start an argument.

  4. Sophie wanted to give it a 5/5 for the fun factor and the fact that it's a totaly unique gift idea. I've never seen paint your own Russian dolls anywhere else. I docked them 1/2 a point for the brush ! LOL It's designed as a fun kids activity rather than a serious art project, I think. I'll pass on your comments though, all feedback is good :)


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