Sunday 27 November 2011

Garden Games Hexagonal Sandpit review

I have a confession to make - I'm reviewing this product before we've actually tried it but that's because it's the wrong end of the year for outdoor play and it would probably only end up being used as a cat toilet if we installed it now !

We have had a sneaky peek in the flat-pack box though and it all looks very solid and well built. The kids got all excited about setting it up on the patio straight away and the great thing is, if you haven't got a garden - just an area of decking or maybe even a balcony if you live in a flat - it allows you to create a safe haven for kids to play in out in the fresh air with very little space. (If you do use it on a balcony, make sure your kids can't climb up the side and get too close to a wall though.)

It measures 1.5m across, which is big enough for a few friends to play in together. My one concern was that it would cost a fortune to be delivered, as it's so heavy, but I was actually pleasantly surprised to learn that deliveries are free over £150 or a very reasonable £4.95 for any other UK deliveries.

The sandpit comes with a protective cover (which would hopefully stop the local cats getting in) and geotextile underlay.

As soon as winter is behind us, it will have pride of place on our patio. If you're looking for a highly original sandpit that would be a focal point in a garden, there are some innovative designs available, including ones shaped as a sailing boat, a wigwam and a picnic table. Roll on springtime !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £59.99

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  1. this looks great - and added bonus with the cover as i think you absolutely have to have a cover with these!

  2. We just got rid of our plastic sandpit because it was just an absolute mess, this one looks alot better

  3. I don't have a sand pit yet, I just fear this would attract local cats for obvious reasons, so if this one has a cover, them problem solved!


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