Monday 14 November 2011

Want to get your kitchen smelling of lovely mince pies ?

Then you have two options. You can either make some yourself using the tried and tested recipe below, or you can buy one of these festive Mince Pie fragranced candles, perfect for getting all Christmassy in the lead up to the big day. Even better, if burning the scented candle gives you mince pie cravings, the recipe comes with it ! Read on for more info :


Serving up the sweet smell of Christmas

The warming aroma of the mighty mince pie has been captured in a delectable scented candle for food lovers this Christmas.

Cookery teacher and chef Lisa Roukin has created a limited edition candle that will fill the air with a festive fragrance. And if you feel inspired by the warming winter scent, the recipe for the sweet treat is detailed on the label so you can bake some tasty mince pies to please your taste buds too.

A perfect glittering gift for your foodie friends, Christmas will be all a glow from a Cook with Lisa Mince Pie Candle.

With a rich and fruity flame, the candle has captured notes of apple, currants, candied citrus and buttery pastry that will fill your home with comforting Christmas spice. Just like the mouth-watering smell of warm crumbly mince pies, straight from the oven.

The scented candle has a long 50-hour burn time and is handmade in the UK with British sourced ingredients. The candles do not contain any animal products so are suitable for vegetarians too.

Create a candlelit chorus of carols or set the mood for mulled wine and baking.

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without mince pies.

Put  on your Christmas list where you can order the Mince Pie Candle for £9.99.

Other candles in the range include Homemade Shortbread, Pineapple Flambé, Raspberry Sorbet and Apple Pie.

•Below is Lisa’s tried and tested recipe for mince pies that is printed on the candle label :

Mince pies recipe /makes 12

250g plain flour, extra for rolling
125g unsalted salted butter, cubed (at room temperature)
75g caster sugar
1 Lemon (grated zest) and 1 x 15ml tbsp juice
1 medium egg, beaten
1 medium egg yolk, beaten
Pinch of Cornish sea salt
1 x 15ml tbsp milk for sealing and brushing with caster sugar
1 tbsp Icing/caster sugar for dusting the top


350g mincemeat shop brought or homemade

Sift the flour into a medium bowl add the butter; blend using your fingertips or food processor. Add the caster sugar, salt, lemon rind and juice and beaten egg until smooth. Wrap in cling film, refrigerate for 30 minutes – 1 hour.

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C (400°F or gas mark 6). Lightly dust the work surface with flour, roll out half of the dough into 12 rounds using a round 8cm cutter, then roll out 12 rounds using a fluted 7cm cutter. Use a non-stick 12 hole-baking tray, place the larger pastry on the bottom add a spoonful of mincemeat. Taking a lid, brush with a little water around the edges and place it wet side down on top of the open mince pie. Seal the edges with your fingers. Brush with milk, sprinkle with caster sugar and cook until the pastry is golden brown 20-25minutes.
Cool for 10 minutes before taking out gently, sprinkle with icing/caster sugar


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  1. I would love the smell of homemade mince pies wafting around my house, but I'm not great at cooking, so the candle it is for me!!

  2. Mmmm this candle sounds lovely! Christmassy scented candles are my fav! I love my house to smell of christmas along with looking like christmas :D

  3. oh i would love this - sounds really nice!

  4. Yummy! Sounds good enough to eat!



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