Saturday 19 November 2011

Andechser Organic Lassis Yogurt Smoothies review

When we were offered the opportunity of sampling Andechser Organic Lassis Yogurt Smoothies, I scuttled off to do a bit of reseach and discovered that they are a blend of natural drinking yogurt, made with authentic Lassi cultures, and fruit puree or spices to create a rich and genuinely refreshing drink that is bursting with taste but made with pure natural ingredients and no hidden nasties. Sounds brilliant on paper so I was keen to give them a try.

Lassi cultures are often linked to all sorts of health benefits and may aid digestion and boost the immune system. They are also an excellent source of calcium, suitable for vegetarians and safe for pregnant women to consume. Even more good news !

The Lassi Smoothies come in two varieties - Mango and Chai. We tried out both.

The Mango variety, which contains 14% Alphonso Mango, got the unanimous Madhouse Family seal of approval. It's refreshing, fruity and lovely for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack. It has a really lovely natural mango flavour, not an artificial one, because it is flavoured with real mango and this gives it a really nice flavour.

The Chai variety, made with a traditional blend of Indian spices including cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves, wasn't so popular. It promises to be a "refreshingly different drink" and that's certainly true. It wasn't to our tastes, probably because it is such a different, unexpected flavour, but I think it is the sort of flavour that would grow on you !

The Andechser philosophy is “Let Nature Be” – starting with fresh organic milk and fruit, they maintain the goodness of nature through gentle and careful processing. Only fruit and spices are used to flavour their products, so the taste is from real mango, ginger and cinnamon, not added flavours.

Even if we weren't keen on the flavour of the Chai Smoothie, I'd still recommend them for their natural ingredients and health-boosting properties. I'd buy the Mango one again because it makes a lovely change for breakfast on the go !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £1.49 for 250g drinking cup

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  1. My son is crazy about mango (he can eat 2 in a row!)
    Thanks for the review


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