Monday 21 November 2011

Tesco Babysafe Meningitis video - how to recognise the signs

I bet, like me, many of you will instantly say "press a glass on the spots" when asked how to recognise the warning signs of meningitis. However, as I told you here, a new campaign has been launched to break the glass myth and show that that is not a foolproof way of detecting the illness.

Following  recent research that reveals that six out of 10 parents wouldn’t feel confident about recognising the signs of meningitis,Tesco Baby & Toddler Club launched its latest BabySafe video today to give parents, grandparents and carers all the information they need to recognise the signs of meningitis on a baby or toddler.

This third video in the series, featuring information from the Meningitis Trust, is part of the Tesco Baby & Toddler Club BabySafe campaign, an initiative to offer free, basic first aid training to parents, grandparents and carers. In the first two videos, experts from the British Red Cross gave lifesaving advice on How to deal with bumps to the head and falls and Burns.

The Meningitis BabySafe video will be available on the Tesco Care & Share website:  from Monday 21st November.

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  1. We do have it drummed into us that the glass test is fail safe so I am glad you have written this post, I was diagnosed with suspected meningitis when I was 10 so I know the signs, the doctor tried to get my neck to tocuh my chin to touch my chest, checked if the lights were hurting my eyes etc, I had a lumbar puncture but luckily it turned out I didn't have it. This video is very important!

  2. I really don't know much about meningitis, apart from the fact that it has bad consequences, so every information helps.


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