Saturday 26 November 2011

Lite Sprites review

When the chance came up to review some Lite Sprites, I have to admit I'd never heard of them. Nevertheless, just one glance at the toys that arrived in the big box and I knew that they would be a huge hit, not just here at The Madhouse, but also on Christmas wish lists across the country. Any little girl who loves fairies and magical lands (and let's face it, are there any that don't ?!) will be blown away by the charming interactive toys in their magical world.

We received a fabulous collection of Lite Sprites toys : the beautiful Tree of Lite playset, Prisma with her Wand and a set of Sprites to join in the fun. 

There are five light-filled Lite Sprites in total who inhabit Lite-Topia : Prisma, Astra, Meadow, Brooke and Bleak. Astra, Meadow and Brooke look after the sky, the earth and the water (as their names suggest) and they each have seven colours that they can share with each other and their interactive play sets. Bleak is the naughty fairy who mischievously steals their colours and adds a dash of chaos to Lite-Topia. There's always one !

Prisma is the leading Lite Sprite so she comes with the magical colour wand which has ten colours pre-programmed but can also collect and transfer colours from the real world - something that I found pretty amazing even as a grown-up ! OK, I admit it - I may have carried on playing with the wand for a while after the kids were in bed ! It also has a couple of in built games, Colour Hunt and Colour Mix. It's a great toy for teaching little learners to recognise their colours. (2-year-old Pierre loves playing with the wand and watching the magical colours when his big sisters aren't looking !)

Now, I have to admit, I actually thought that the Tree of Lite looked a bit cheap and plasticky when I saw it in the box but once it's all set up and works alongside the rest of the collection, it's a fantastic and very impressive central element. It lights up, spins round, plays music and magically changes colour. It's where the Lite Sprites like to hang out, literally hanging from their forest pods. The playset comes with a cute Lite Pet and a special ring for little girls to wear to show that they're members of the Sprite Sisterhood. There is going to be a huge buzz in school playgrounds when the kids go back to school after Christmas !

There are also four Deluxe Playsuits available to add to your Lite Topia world : a waterfall, swing, flower and windmill. These playsets also come with a Lite Pet and ring.

The Lite Sprites look really beautiful in a dimly lit room - Juliette actually cleverly used one to guide her to the toilet and back in the middle of the night without turning the light on, as she proudly told us next morning ! I found it impossible to take photos that do them justice though so I'll show you the Lite Sprites TV ad which gives you a better idea than an out of focus and over exposed photo !

The only downside is the price - if your kids want to build up the whole collection (and trust me, they will !), it will end up being very pricey, but that's the same as all the other "add to your collection" toys like Littlest Pet Shop, Playmobil, Lego, etc. If you want to put a smile on your little girl's face at Christmas, make sure there are some Lite Sprites under the tree. Don't forget the batteries though !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : Tree of Lite playsuit £39.99, Prisma & Wand £29.99, Lite Sprites £14.99

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  1. I would have loved this as a kid, shame I don't have a little girl :(

  2. I have just discovered Lite Sprites and nearly a year on from this review they are available for £5 a sprite and £10 for the tree house. After reading your review I will definately be buying these for my daughters this Christmas

  3. That's a great price. Juliette is still playing with hers !


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