Monday 28 November 2011

Fabric Flavours Mini Superheroes Tshirt review

Pierre is your average 2-year-old when it comes to clothes. In other words, he's not the slightest bit interested. He's quite happy to throw on whatever I pull out of the wardrobe without comment (apart from pointing at the odd picture of a tractor or a motorbike on the front of his Tshirt).

I was therefore astounded that when he saw the Fabric Flavours Superman Tshirt that we received to review, he grabbed it out of my hands saying "wow" and desperately tried to shove his head through the armhole ! I helped him put it on properly and he paraded around the entire family declaring "cholie" (French for "pwetty" !) before marching up and down with his arms in the air like he was modelling on a catwalk ! We were all in hysterics watching him ! At bedtime, he wanted to put it back on over the top of his pyjamas and the only way he gave in was when I put it on the side of the changing table, promising he could wear it again tomorrow morning.

I've already received a couple of Fabric Flavours products to review in the past and I'm always highly impressed by the funky designs but also the quality of the garments. They are hardwearing, don't shrink, stretch or fade in the wash and last for absolutely ages in perfect condition. The Superman Tshirt is part of the Mini Superheroes collection, which also offers clothes featuring Hans Solo, Spiderman, Darth Vader and a whole host of other original designs for kidswear.

As a little added extra, throughout the month of December all orders over £30 will come with this lovely Christmas Gift Box too.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £16

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  1. These are fantastic, my eldest son would love the Darth Vader one, he is Star Wars crazy!!

  2. They look great, might have to invest in some for my boys!

  3. Cool stuff you have in here! My nephew will surely love this kind of t-shirt.

  4. Spider man! How can I get of this shirt? This is a perfect gift for my nephew, he love Spider man very much.

  5. Click on the link above to go through to the Fabric Flavours website :)


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