Saturday 12 November 2011

I'm in Mr Bakestone's Baker's Dozen !

I got an email last week that made me go oooh - followed by a delivery that made the whole family go aaaahhh ! But more about that in a moment ! The email came from Mr Bakestone - you may remember that I reviewed a selection of their baked goods (here) and also hosted a giveaway so that one of you could try them out too.

 Well, the email explains that : "At Bakestone, we pride ourselves on creating the tastiest, wholesome baked goods using traditional recipes and only the freshest ingredients. However, we know that we have to keep innovating and refining our recipes to make them the best they can be for the British public. For this reason, we have chosen 13 people across the UK, yourself included, who we feel understand what it is that makes good bread to become part of our Bakers Dozen, an elite force of bread lovers. Each month, you will receive a consignment of our latest products before they appear on the supermarket shelf or classic products that we are looking to revitalise." Oooh exciting ! I wonder if I should add "part of an elite force of bread lovers" to my CV, it sounds very impressive !

Well, I'll share my tasting adventures with you but I may not be able to give you all the usual RRP's and stockist details if they haven't been launced in supermarkets yet. In this month's package, we received

Festive Fruit Loaf

"A new fantastically festive loaf containing cinnamon, currants, candied peel and orange. Created to taste just like a Christmas pudding."

We all thought this was absolutely delicious although - without reading the write-up - it made us think more of hot cross buns than Christmas pudding ! Lovely and moist, absolutely gorgeous slathered in butter, either cut straight from the loaf or lightly toasted. Definitely a winner.

Bubble & Squeak Potato Cakes

"An adaptation to the classic potato cake, containing cabbage and spring onion to make it taste just like a tea-time favourite."

Having been converted to potato cakes back in the summer (as you may have seen in our original review here), I was keen to try out the new flavours. Although I love the idea of adding new varieties, bubble and squeak is not one I would be instantly attracted to on the shelf as I see it as a way of using up leftovers rather than something I'd go out of my way to buy. The kids didn't like the cabbagey smell and weren't keen on the taste.

Potato & Spring Onion Cakes

"A fresh and zingy addition to Bakestone's potato cake repertoire."

Now these ones did get a resounding thumbs up. When I make mashed potato, I like to liven it up with the addition of chives, garlic salt or wholegrain mustard and these reminded me of that. They're delicious served with baked beans and sausages or bacon for a quick tea that the whole family enjoyed.

Potato and Leek Cakes

"A new take on a classic recipe"

I loved the taste of these but couldn't work out what to eat them with. Usually I would eat plain potato cakes with an egg on top and/or beans on the side but I didn't feel that those flavours worked together with the leek. Definitely something I would buy again but I'd need some serving suggestions from Mr Bakestone first !

Being a total novice when it comes to potato cakes, I'm open to all your suggestions so if you have any pearls of wisdom and great meal ideas, please do leave me a comment to let me know !

And Mr Bakestone, if you're listening, how about a lovely cheesy potato cake next ? Or even a cheese and ham or cheese and bacon one ? Now that would go lovely with egg and beans !

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  1. Oooooh lucky you, I would love to receive something yummy through the post every month!

  2. That sounds like a lovely parcel to receive each month! I think the Potato and Leek Cakes would be nice with sausages.

  3. Bacon and sausages, you could have them for breakfast, dinner or tea.

  4. Funny enough, I absolutely loved the Bubble & squeak potato cakes. Just scrumptious.


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