Monday 7 November 2011

Lush have released their Christmas goodies

Well, Halloween is behind us so there's no denying that Christmas will soon be here. You've seen all the gift guides for kids full of toys to make their eyes sparkle. Well, that's the effect this Christmas gift guide from Lush just had from me. Forget the kids for once and look at all these lovely Lush goodies that I would absolutely love to find under the Christmas tree with my name on. Just reading the names is even to make me smile and imagine the heady, inimitable Lush fragrances !


IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!! And that means a gift box from Lush

Beautifully wrapped and ready to give, Lush has a whole selection of festive gifts to suit everybody you know. There’s everything you could possibly want, ranging from stocking fillers and secret Santa gifts, to luxurious hatboxes with more than enough bath and body products to see you through to the New Year.

This year’s theme of ‘invention’ is evident in the gift collection with more Knot Wrap gifts available, along with more tins, that once used can be reused to house all your Lush products throughout the year. Or to put any other bits and pieces in that need tidying away. So delve into this selection of Christmas allsorts and choose from …

The Knot Wraps

The Lush Knot Wraps are an ecological alternative to gift-wrap, which has meant we are able to save 11.6 tonnes of waste per year. Choose from three festive versions to wrap your ballistics in … there’s the adorable Penguin Knot Wrap (£2.50), the super cute Pudding Knot Wrap (£2.50) and the versatile Santa’s Hat (£3.95) that can be reused as both Santa’s Hat and Santa’s beard!

£5.00-£7.50 … The Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa (£5.50) … the perfect gift for all those tricky Secret Santa presents. This one suits everyone – so it doesn’t matter whose name you pull out of the hat! Containing two of Lush’s classic festive treats, a Lil Lush Pud bath ballistic and a star shaped Snowcake soap, both of which smell like the marzipan icing on the Christmas cake! There’s two Christmassy options of gift wrap for you to choose from, depending on whether your Secret Santa is a green or a red person. Vegan

Have a Sweet Christmas (£5.95) … everyone likes to treat themselves at Christmas, so what better gift than a box of sweet scented treats, but without the calories!
Containing a new Candy Mountain bubble bar, for masses of sweet scented skin softening bubbles and a chunk of the jelly baby scented Angels’ Delight soap. Hmmm, delicious! Vegan

Under £10.00 – The Stocking Fillers

Brrrrilliant (£7.95) … wake yourself up on cold winter mornings with these two uplifting and invigorating shower products. Whoosh shower jelly and Snow Globe soap both have lemon and grapefruit oils to enliven the senses and give you that slap in the face you might need to wake you up!

Merry and Bright (£8.50) … this gift contains some warming and spicy Glogg shower gel to keep you merry this festive season, along with a chunk of the new Northern Lights soap to brighten up dark mornings. A great little gift for someone who likes their showers. Vegan

Cosy Christmas (£7.95) … get all comfy and cosy this Christmas with two Lush products scented with almonds and vanilla, some of the most comforting and reassuring essential oils. Tiny Hands is a solid hand serum to smooth and soften hard skin in preparation for some serious snuggling; while Snowcake soap is a slice of pure Christmas, fragranced like the marzipan icing on the Christmas cake, it leaves skin soft and deliciously scented. Vegan

Rocket to Me (£9.95) … children will be over the moon to find this under the Christmas tree, containing three space-inspired bath ballistics. There’s the new Rocketeer, that’s shaped like a jetpack and literally rockets around the tub; a Space Girl that will orbit the tub leaving a trail of stardust and a blackcurrant aroma; and an Ickle Baby Bot that’s made with soothing chamomile and lavender to calm down excited minds after Christmas Day. Vegan

Under £15.00

Mr Frosty (£10.50) … a Knot Wrap gift option, Mr Frosty is made up of three festive bath ballistics, all cleverly wrapped together to look like a snowman. There’s the present shaped Golden Wonder, that’s packed with uplifting essential oils of orange, cognac and lime. Then the Christmas classics Lil Lush Pud and So White form his body and head. So White has shavings of bubble bar mix that create a blanket of fluffy white bubbles reminiscent of clouds … so you’ll feel like you’re walking in the air! Vegan

Best Wishes (£10.50) … spread your best wishes around this yuletide with this gift of three festive bath treats. There’s the new strawberry scented Superstars bubble bar, made with our new formula where the star emblem is embedded all the way through the bar; the zesty Satsumo Santa bath ballistic to uplift the spirits; and a So White bath ballistic, that froths around the tub leaving behind a blanket of snowy white, apple scented bubbles. Nice and traditional, it’s hand wrapped with a white natural paper (embossed with festive stars) from India and tied together with a woven red and white ribbon. Vegan

Snow Fairy (£10.95) … a pink and sparkly, candy smelling collection of festive goodies including: the pink, bubble-icious vanilla scented Snow Fairy shimmery shower gel; a star shaped chunk of Angel’s Delight soap, scented with orange and tangerine oils; and a Shimmy Shimmy massage bar, to leave a trail of fairy dust on the skin. Prettily wrapped in pink and all tied together with a pink bow, it comes with its very own jingle bell.

Gingerbread House (£14.50) … this cute tin is shaped like a house and contains all sorts of sweetie goodies. There’s the spicy ginger and cinnamon Gingerbread House bubble bar to warm and stimulate the circulation; the almond and cherry scented Cinders bath ballistic with popping candy; the sweet Candy Mountain bubble bar and apple scented, refreshing So White two-layered ballistic.

Oh Christmas Tree (£14.95) … a Christmas tree shaped box full of all the treats you would expect to find adorning the tree. There’s a Superstars bubble bar for the top of the tree, along with a Candy Mountain bubble bar to garnish it with, our version of the American favourite candy cane decoration. You will also find a new Golden Wonder ballistic inside, a gift shaped fizzing wonder that rattles with a surprise inside. There’s even a relaxing and soothing Christmas Eve bubble bar, to calm everyone down after all the festive excitement. Vegan

Christmas Tweets (£14.50) … a special tweet for that person who spends Christmas looking after everyone else – they cook the dinner, clean up afterwards, wrap up everyone’s presents … they really do deserve something special. This gorgeous little box is full of vanilla and marzipan scented goodies, including the solid hand serum Tiny Hands to soften and protect hard working hands. Wrapped up in chirpy robin decorated paper and tied together in a lovely red ribbon. We also imagine this will appeal to the Twitter generation! Vegan

Contents: 3 Gold Rings bubble bar, Tiny Hands hand serum, Snowcake soap, Butterball bath ballistic.

Under £20.00

A Few of My Favourite Things (£15.95) … this shower gift contains a few things we thought might be favourites and there’s one to suit everybody, ranging from the new Jilted Elf shower jelly that contains vodka to tone and brighten the skin, along with softening honey and fig infusion; to the sweet and pepperminty Candy Cane soap. Simply remember all these favourite things to help get you through the stresses of Christmas – you won’t feel bad at all!

Contents: Jilted Elf shower jelly, Snow Globe soap, Candy Cane soap, Glogg shower gel.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (£18.95) … baby it’s cold in here too, with this selection of refreshing, stimulating and uplifting products. There’s the new Jilted Elf shower jelly that’s best used frozen for a really stimulating shower; the new Australian Igloo body scrub to gently polish skin with fair trade sugar; and a citrus blast of lemons and grapefruit from Snowglobe soap. Sparkle toothy tabs will leave your teeth icy white, as the sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar expertly cleans and brightens. There’s also some Glogg shower gel to warm the cockles amid all this frostiness.

Contents: Jilted Elf shower jelly, Snowglobe soap, Australian Igloo sugar scrub, Sparkle toothy tabs, Glogg shower gel.

Christmas Candy Box (£19.95) … a Lush favourite of sweet and candy scented products in a re-usable, mini hat-box. Give to someone who has a sweet tooth, but doesn’t want the calorie intake! It contains all the sweet treats we could find, including our global seasonal best seller Snow Fairy shower gel and the new Candy Cane pepperminty soap.

Contents: Snow Fairy shower gel; Candy Mountain bubble bar; Rock Star soap (star shaped); Candy Cane soap, Snow Fairy lip tint, So White bath ballistic. Vegan

Christmas Star (£19.95) … a star shaped box for a stellar selection of festive goodies, including the new Melting Snowman bath melt, that softens the skin with cocoa butter and almond oil and the warming Cinders bath ballistic, that contains popping candy to emulate the crackling of an open fire. Follow this Christmas star and shoot into your nearest Lush!

Contents: Superstars bubble bar, Lil Lush Pud bath ballistic, Cinders bath ballistic, So White bath ballistic, Candy Mountain bubble bar, Melting Snowman bath melt. Vegan

Under £30.00
Happy Christmas (£20.95) … the perfect red, shiny box of festive treats to say Happy Christmas with. Containing a selection of bath ballistics, bubble bars and soaps – all of which Lush has invented and has some sort of patent or patent pending. These solid alternatives to the norm save on packaging and preservatives, so kinder to the environment … which means Mother Earth gets a happy Christmas as well!

Contents: Christmas Eve bubble bar, Golden Wonder bath ballistic, Satsumo Santa bath ballistic, Snowcake soap, Candy Cane soap, Lil Lush Pud bath ballistic. Vegan

Under the Mistletoe (£24.95) … give this gift to the object of your desires and you’ll be sure to get them under the mistletoe this Christmas! They’ll be more than seduced with such goodies as the new strawberry scented Superstars bubble bar, with the golden star emblem that goes all the way through the bar and the super softening and super fruity So White bath ballistic. There’s also a sample-sized tin of Ultrabalm, to help combat dry skin – a common problem in winter – and leave you mistletoe ready!

Contents: So White bath ballistic, Avobath bath ballistic, Snowglobe soap, Olive Branch shower gel, Ultrabalm (sample size), Each Peach massage bar, Superstars bubble bar (red). Vegan

Christmas Delights (£25.95) … inside this wonderfully festive tin you’ll find more than just Christmas delights – there are also all-year treats such as the supremely luxurious and deeply moisturising Vanilla Deelite and the body buffing Sugar Scrub nestled alongside festive offerings such as the sugar sweet Candy Cane soap and Snow Fairy shower gel. There’s even a Heavenilli massage bar to delight those a little frazzled after the stresses of the festive season.

Contents: Sugar Babe sugar scrub, Vanilla Deelite body lotion, Candy Cane soap, Snowfairy shower gel (100g), Angel’s Delight soap, Heavenilli massage bar.

Stardust (£26.95) … pink and delightfully girly, this gift contains all the sparkly, sweet and pink products we could find. Including the new Magic Wand reusable bubble bar, that you swish around the bath tub to create masses and masses of snow fairy scented bubbles and a delicious Bubble Gum lip scrub to exfoliate the lips beautifully leaving them Christmas kiss ready! Wrapped in bright pink paper emblazoned with shooting stars and tied with a silver lamé ribbon – it’s the perfect gift to sprinkle someone’s Christmas with a little stardust.

Contents: Angel’s Delight soap (star shaped), Candy Mountain bubble bar, Snow Fairy shower gel, Space Girl bath ballistic, Shimmy Shimmy glitter bar, Magic Wand reusable bubble bar, Bubble Gum lip scrub. Vegan.

Home For Christmas (£28.50) … everyone would like to be home for Christmas, but for those who may not be able to make it, give them this gift containing a selection of Lush’s homely vanilla and honey scented products. Vanilla especially is comforting and reassuring, evoking memories of home baked cakes and the family kitchen at Christmas time. Honey is soothing and calming on the emotions, plus a real treat for the skin. All wrapped in a hatbox emblazoned with snowy scenes, it’s a real traditional gift.

Contents: Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Vanilla Deelite body lotion, Gingerbread House bubble bar, Honey Bee bath ballistic, Lil Lush Pud bath ballistic, It’s Raining Men shower gel, 3 Gold Rings bubble bar.

Christmas Bathtime Favourites (£29.95) … back again this year with a new festive tin; this gift is our version of the traditional tin of biscuits, only you’ll find inside nine of our bath ballistics for all the family to enjoy. Lush’s classic invention, first invented in 1987, which fizz around the bath emitting the finest ingredients and essential oils, there’s a selection of both Christmas and year round favourites. There’s one to suit every mood and every occasion. This year the tin depicts a traditional snowy winter scene, with Santa’s sleigh and a snowman.

Contents: Lil’ Lush Pud, Cinders, So White, Lil’ Big Blue, Lil’ Avobath, Lil’ Honey Bee, Rocketeer, Golden Wonder and Satsumo Santa bath ballistics.

Season’s Greetings (£29.95) … a beautiful Knot Wrap scarf full of a selection of skincare treats, to help keep you looking and feeling great over the winter season. Including the globally best-selling Dream Cream body moisturiser, that’s made with an infusion of calming oat milk, olive oil and cocoa butter; the almond scented, skin softening Snowcake soap and the mood enhancing neroli and lavender Therapy massage bar, with fair trade cocoa butter and organic shea butter to nourish the skin. The perfect gift for someone who suffers from dry, sore or sensitive skin.

Contents: Dreamwash shower cream, Dream Cream body moisturiser, Snowcake soap, Creamed Almond & Coconut Smoothie shower cream, King of Skin solid body moisturiser, Therapy massage bar. Vegan

Tin of Pure Imagination (£29.95) … enter the world of pure innovation this Christmas with this tin of all of Lush’s newest creations. Prepare to be astonished by the two-layered bath ballistics that frantically fizz around the bath emitting brightly coloured, frothing, softening bubbles. Be amazed by solid toothpaste tabs that leave your teeth squeaky clean and your breath strangely perfumed. And marvel at the prospect of showering with a jelly, that will leave your skin cleansed, soft and delicately scented. You will be unable to believe your eyes at this awe-inspiring insight into the pure imagination of Lush. All products are patented or patent pending.

Contents: Superstars bubble bar, Melting Snowman self dissolving bath oil, Rocketeer two-layered bath ballistic, Abombinaball two-layered bath ballistic, Ultrablast toothy tabs, Fizzbanger two-layered bath ballistic, Australian Igloo sugar scrub, Jilted Elf shower jelly.

Billy Bonker’s Bathtime Favourites (£29.95) … this tin offers you a tantalising taste of Billy Bonker’s sweetie inspired, innovative bathtime treats. There are eight marvellous inventions to choose from, each of which will transport you to a pink, fluffy world of giant candy canes and gingerbread houses. For those with a really sweet tooth - who want to literally emerge themselves in sweeties and chocolate - but without the calories!

Contents: Candy Mountain bubble bar, Candy Cane soap, Magic Wand bubble bar, Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt, Mrs Whippy bath ballistic, Lil Lush Pud bath ballistic, Ma Bar bubble bar, Gingerbread House bubble bar.

Under £50.00
The Golden Collection (£31.50) … there’s just something about gold at Christmas time and this tin consists of all of Lush’s golden, sparkly bathtime and shower treats. There’s new inventions like 3 Gold Rings bubble bar and Golden Wonder two-layered bath ballistic along with year round classics like Ultimate Shine shampoo bar, to leave your locks soft and party ready. This one is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to be left shimmering like gold!

Contents: Golden Wonder bath ballistic, 3 Gold Rings bubble bar, Snowcake soap, Sunny Side bubble bar, Dragon’s Egg bath ballistic, Cinders bath ballistic, Ultimate Shine solid shampoo bar, Superstars bubble bar. Vegan

12 Days of Christmas (£35.95) … twelve Lush products to see you through Christmas, including brand new Golden Wonder bath ballistic, Superstars bubble bar and Melting Snowman self dissolving bath oil. The only thing missing is a partridge in a pear tree, and you’ll find that on the tag of this fabulously festive gift.

Contains: Satsumo Santa bath ballistic, Cinders bath ballistic, So White bath ballistic, Gingerbread House bubble bar, Candy Mountain bubble bar, Christmas Eve bubble bar, Snow Globe soap, Superstars bubble bar, Melting Snowman self-dissolving bath oil, Golden Wonder bath ballistic, Candy Cane soap, Lil Lush Pud bath ballistic.

Northern Lights (£49.95) … brighten up the dark days of winter with this colourful hatbox, with a glow-in-the-dark pattern. It’s full to the brim with invigorating and uplifting products, to keep your spirits up during the long, dark days. Speaking of spirits, there’s also the new Jilted Elf shower jelly that contains vodka to tone and brighten the skin and the warming and fruity favourite Glogg shower gel, with cinnamon and spice to get the blood flowing and keep you warm against the cold.

Contents: Northern Lights, Snow Globe and Angel’s Delight soaps; Glogg and Snow Fairy shower gels (100g); Jilted Elf shower jelly; Australian Igloo sugar scrub; Each Peach and Two’s a Pear massage bar; Buffy skin conditioner; Dirty toothy tabs; Pow Wow lip scrub; Celebrate lip tint.

Over £50.00

Merry Christmas Darling (£69.95) … the perfect gift to wish your darling a very merry Christmas indeed! Packed full of all the skin smoothing, nourishing, beautifully scented products she (or he!) could ever want. We’ve selected some of the most sensual and sexy bath, shower and body products we do, containing essential oils like exotic jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage that are renowned aphrodisiacs. Including our brand new Aquatic toothy tabs, to perfume your breath with sensual jasmine before smooching under the mistletoe. Merry Christmas indeed!

Contents: Sweet Lips lip scrub, Aquatic toothy tab, Tisty Tosty bath ballistic, Rub, Rub, Rub shower gel, Christmas Eve bubble bar, Golden Wonder bath ballistic, 3 Gold Rings bubble bar, Snowcake soap, Soft Coeur massage bar, Amandopondo bubble bar, Sex Bomb bath ballistic, It Started with a Kiss tinted lip balm, Sex in the Shower emotibomb, Joy of Jelly shower jelly, Angel’s Delight soap, Silky Underwear dusting powder, Flying Fox shower gel, Sugar Babe sugar scrub,

All I Want For Christmas (£84.95) … everyone will want one of these for Christmas, with most of the limited edition festive products and new inventions in one bumper hatbox. Golden stars adorn the box, with a gold ribbon tying it all together beautifully.

Contents: Cinders, Satsumo Santa, So White, Lil’ Lush Pud, Golden Wonder, Abombinaball and Rocketeer bath ballistics; Candy Mountain, Christmas Eve, Gingerbread House, 3 Gold Rings, Superstars and Magic Wand bubble bars; Snowcake, Angel’s Delight, Candy Cane, Northern Lights and Snow Globe soaps; Melting Snowman self dissolving bath melt; Glogg and Snow Fairy shower gels; Jilted Elf shower jelly; Australian Igloo sugar scrub; Pow Wow lip scrub; Chili Tingle lip tint.

Wonderful Christmas Time (£100.00) … we hope everyone will be simply having a wonderful Christmas time with this box of Lush wonder. A huge oblong gift, you’ll find the inside to be divided into sections reminiscent of a chocolate box. Containing 25 festive and year-round Lush treats to spoil someone with at Christmas, it makes the perfect gift at the beginning of December to use as an advent calendar – making the countdown to Christmas Day even more exciting! Including: the new Ultrablast toothy tabs, Hottie massage bar and Dirty Springwash shower gel. So go on, make someone’s Christmas wonderful!

Contents: Satsumo Santa, Golden Wonder, Twighlight and Rocketeer bath ballistics; Superstars, Christmas Eve, Candy Mountain and The Comforter bubble bars; Snow Globe, Candy Cane and Karma soap; Melting Snowman self-dissolving bath oil; Snow Fairy and Dirty Springwash shower gels (100g); Sweetie Pie shower jelly; Hottie massage bar; Jungle solid conditioner; None of Your Beeswax lip balm; Bubblegum lip scrub; Pied de Pepper foot cream (sample size), Ultrabalm; Tiny Hands, Seanik shampoo bar, Dream Cream body moisturiser (sample size); Ultrablast toothy tabs. Vegan

Lush Christmas gifts and single treats are available at Lush shops nationwide from October 2011. For shop details and mail order, call 01202 668 545. Or, order on-line at

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  1. These are such lovely gifts. I would love to find a Lush hatbox under the tree on Christmas morning :-)

  2. Up until a few weeks ago the smell of Lush just brought on my morning sickness! Thankfully I'm over that now so might add some of their stuff to my xmas list :)

  3. LOL I had exactly the same thing !! Couldn't set one foot in a Lush store during my pregnancies !


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