Sunday 27 November 2011

Kids' app review : Tinga Tinga Tales

Popular Cbeebies programme Tinga TingaTales has just released its first app, available for iPad,  iPhone or iPod Touch. Just like the TV show, the app is bursting with vibrant colours, African-inspired art and sounds and a whole host of safari animals for you to interact with.

Created by P2 games, the app contains 9 fun mini games featuring the animals from the TV series Tinga Tinga Tales:

MONKEY’S MANGOES - Monkey loves mangoes! Help him avoid the green mangoes and catch the ripe orange ones before they fall to the ground.
YUMMY FLIES! - Tap on the flowers to help Chameleon catch as many flies as possible to eat.

CLEVER CHAMELEON - Help Chameleon disappear by tapping on the correct pattern that matches his surroundings.

SNAPPY CROC - Crocodile is trying to spoil Hippo's swim. Tap on his head before he disappears.

FIND LIZARD - Lizard always hides under rocks. Tap on the right rock to find him in a classic game of hide and seek.

GREEDY TORTOISE! – Guide Tortoise to his heavenly feast in the clouds, but watch out for the birds!

I’M NOT A ROCK! - Tortoise is trying to cross the land of TingaTinga, but other animals mistake him for a rock! He needs help!

ANIMAL MISMATCH – The animals are all jumbled! Slide the animal parts in place to create your favourite Tinga Tinga Tales characters.

BATH TIME! - Help Elephant wash the dusty animals clean.


Juliette loves the Animal Mismatch game because you can slide your finger across the screen to make the "wheel" spin round fast and make random strange animals. She also loves the animals' bath time and fly-catching games.

The games are very simple and quite repetitive but they're ideal for the 3-6 year target audience because there is no need to explain anything for kids to pick them up. The fact that you can choose between three different levels for each game also adds a bit more variation.

Nine games for £1.49 makes this absolutely fantastic value and any fans of the series will be blown away because it successfully recreates the atmosphere of the TV show.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.49

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