Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Thinking Slimmer update and fabulous free Christmas Slimpod offer

What with the run up to Christmas and an absolutely crazy time at work at the moment - two parent-teacher evenings from straight after class until 9.30pm one week, followed by last minute marking and filling in hundreds of school reports the next week, topped off by a week full of after-school end-of-term meetings this week - means that healthy eating/weightloss has been far from my mind lately. Had I been on a diet or a meal replacement plan or even a serious exercise regime, it would have been disastrous. As I'm using the SlimPod, well basically, it hasn't.

Unlike diets and calorie-controlled eating plans and weekly weigh-ins at slimming clubs, the SlimPod requires no time or even effort at all because it all happens subconsciously, so even when you're not using the SlimPod, you are. Proof of this is that you can even fall asleep while listening to your SlimPod on your mp3 player and it will still work because, as they say, your ears and your unconscious mind never stop listening. I haven't had time to listen to the SlimPod every night for the last few weeks so I've been amazed to see that it's still working. As long as you listen to it religiously for 21 days in a row to begin with so that it works its way into your subconscious, it's OK to take a few nights off here and there. I still find it absolutely gobsmacking but have to admit that I've stopped being a cynic.

I haven't blogged about the SlimPod for a few weeks, so this is for weeks 5-7. Things I've noticed lately :

1) I'm eating totally normally and not giving up anything from my usual diet. Totally unhealthy things that I've consumed over the past few weeks include chocolates, Christmas cake and a glass of Baileys. I'm therefore not feeling deprived so there are no cravings. I won't not eat any chocolate at all for a fortnight then crack and pig out on a full family-sized bar to catch up, as I probably would on a strict diet ! But I am eating reasonable amounts of each food I fancy. It's all about portion control - one chocolate is fine, ten aren't ! - and THAT is what the SlimPod controls naturally.

2) I haven't actually lost much weight recently, but I have noticed that I can now fit into clothes that I couldn't fit into before. That seems to defy all logic but it's something that a lot of people using the SlimPod have mentioned so there must be something in it ! I decided to have a look at my progress so far to see how I'm doing.

week 1 - lost an amazing 1.8kg
week 2 - no change
week 3 - couple of hundred grammes back on but can now wear black stretchy jeans comfortably that were too tight before and my fave black hoody fits again (couldn't zip it up a couple of weeks ago)
week 4 - lost 1/2 kilo (total loss 2.6kg)
week 5 - no change but can do up target jeans that I couldn't even hope to do up at the start (when a couple of inches extra waistband would have been needed to get the button done up) - still can't wear them though as there's a big tummy overhang when I do them up !
week 6 - no change - but those target jeans now feel great and look OK too - wearing them to work, amazing !
week 7 - lost 1/2 kilo (total lost 3kg)

Losing 3kg (6.6 pounds or half a stone) in 7 weeks is not a huge amount, as any serious dieters will tell you. But SlimPods aren't supposed to be a quick fix solution. I'm in no rush and it's all happening without me doing anything in particular, even when I haven't got a moment to think about sorting out a healthy meal. And weightloss is only one factor. Even in those weeks when the numbers on the scales didn't budge, I found I could suddenly fit into clothes that didn't fit before. Still can't get my head around that one to be honest, but the proof is there. That's all I need to know to keep a smile on my face !

3) Permanent subconscious lifestyle changes seem to be the key. "Fancying a biscuit" now means, literally, fancying one biscuit, not a whole fistful. Opening a family-sized bar of chocolate doesn't mean I'll keep coming back for an extra square, I'll break off a couple, savour them and then not fancy any more. After years of avoiding not finishing my plate (thinking there are people starving in Africa so it's a crime to throw food away), I've come to the illuminating conclusion that wolfing down an extra few chicken nuggets or handful of chips will not help them in the slightest ! Again, with the kids' plates, it not a waste of food to throw uneaten bits in the bin, it's a waste of calories to eat them just to avoid throwing them away even if I don't really want them.

4) All of the other changes I've mentioned in previous weeks - reaching for water instead of diet soda, making healthier choices at the canteen, thinking it's funny to jog the 500m from my house to the school to pick up the girls with Pierre in my arms (chortling away for the whole distance !), etc - are still going strong too, despite me being a bit slack with listening to the SlimPod lately.

If I've convinced you that the Thinking Slimmer SlimPods sound just what you need or - as I was to begin with - if you're still a total sceptic keen to see if you can be convinced, there's a fabulous promotion at the moment where you can get your hands on a totally free, no purchase necessary Christmas SlimPod worth £29.99. All you have to do is head over to the Thinking Slimmer Facebook Page and like them. That's it ! There's no catch ! I'll be going to grab one myself in fact. If you do go and get one - and quite frankly you'd be mad not to ! - please do let me know how you get on.

for more information : www.thinkingslimmer.com

for the totally free Christmas SlimPod : http://www.facebook.com/thinkingslimmer 

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