Monday 5 December 2011

Together for Short Lives and the X Factor charity single

Together for Short Lives is a national charity working to help sick children and families get the most of their limited time together. You can help this very worthwhile charity simply by buying the X Factor single. Every copy of the single bought means more money for children's hospices and charities providing at-home services for children with life-limiting conditions. You can see pictures of the X Factor finalists below visiting a children's hospice. The single is currently number one in the charts and it would be great for the charity involved if it could stay there for a while longer. Do your good deed for the day by scrolling down and clicking through to buy the single !


Together for Short Lives is the only charity representing the estimated 23,500 children and young people across the UK who are unlikely to reach adulthood. The charity works to ensure that every one of these children and their families get the best possible care and support whenever and wherever they need it.

The X Factor Charity Single is a unique and extraordinary opportunity to tell the public about the issues faced by these children, young people and their families. 

Providing care - often 24 hours a day, seven days a week - can place families under enormous emotional, physical and financial strain. Relationships can suffer; careers may have to be abandoned; well brothers and sisters can feel left out; and normal family activities become almost impossible.

Many remarkable organisations, including children's hospices embrace not only the physical, but the emotional, social and spiritual elements of care, focusing on quality of life for the child or young person, and practical support for the family.

However, while there are some excellent services available, many families struggle to access co-ordinated care when and where they need it.

Together for Short Lives is here to help. It could be as simple as signposting a parent to a place that can take care of their ill child while they take their well sister to Brownies, or providing them with a ‘family companion’ booklet to help families work through what to expect, and where they can find help.

Together for Short Lives:

- Helps families know about care available to them
- Works with organisations so that they continue offer the highest standards of care
- Raises and distributes funds to essential care organisations.
- Provides a voice for children, families and providers, ensuring they are heard by Governments.
- Highlights the needs of children, young people and their families requiring support.

The profile and funds generated by the X Factor will make such a difference to this critical work.

Wishing on a star! X Factor charity single out now. Buy online or at any major high street supermarket including M&S

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