Monday 5 December 2011

Tips from The Madhouse for using Sterimar Baby

As I told you in a recent blogpost (here), I'm proud to be acting as a Sterimar Mummy Blogger Ambassador. As well as bringing you lots of great advice from the experts at Sterimar, such as how to unblock little noses during cold season (here), I've been keeping an eye open online to see what you've all been saying about it on twitter and on your blogs. Most of it has been very positive but some of you have been asking for advice on how to use it on a reluctant toddler.

Well, it's not a foolproof method but I've found a system that works well with 2-year-old Pierre. First of all, I let him watch me squirt it up my nose and even let him try to squirt it up my nose too. (It's only natural seawater so it won't do you any harm if it accidentally gets into your eyes or mouth by mistake !)

Then we have a bit of a play squirting it in the air around him so it makes a misty rain. He always thinks this is hilarious and giggles his head off.

Then it's time to move in with the nozzle, singing "Raindrops keep squirting up my nose" to the tune of "Raindrops keep falling on my head". Another Sterimar-ified classic here at The Madhouse is Incy Wincy Spider. Instead of "down came the rain and washed the spider out", I say "Up goes the spray and washes the bogeys out" ! Revolting but it usually gets a giggle and makes him forget he was squirming around.

I hope this helps some of you. The special nozzle that means you can use it at any angle is an absolute Godsend too ! If any of you have any other advice or tips, feel free to share them here.


Stérimar is extremely gentle and has no known side effects. It can also be used on its own or with other medications as long and as often as required.

Stérimar is available in Boots and most pharmacies across the UK.

For additional information, please visit 

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  1. What a fab product in my time I have snorted sea water unintentionally, and strangely after doing it I always feel clear headed. Wonder if its because it does do this.
    My cousin will benefit greatly from this with her little one.

    Made me laugh you letting your son squirt it up your nose first, he possibly will be sneaking in while you are asleep and shoving things up your nose!!!

  2. The special nozzle that means you can use it at any angle is an absolute Godsend too ! Hmmmm open invite for 'rude' comments there LOL!!!

    Great product :) becoming available more and more in the UK too which is fab!

    Thanks for the post.

  3. Love this product. Very good at clearing the "crap" out :)

  4. Great natural product. Peace of mind for Mums (and Dads ) to use on little ones noses. Works and absolute treat. Nothing worse than a snotted up nose !

  5. this sounds great - wonder if it works on adults too

  6. Great to see you're all big fans :) Hope you've found my blogposts hopeful !


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