Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Warburtons Brioche review

When Warburtons asked me if I'd like to try out their new range of brioche breakfast products, I have to admit I was in two minds. I've sampled many Warburtons products in the past and found them to be of a consistently high quality, so I was really hoping that these would be equally lovely. But having spent years living in France and eating real French brioche, I was wary that they may not live up to our high expectations. Well, I have to say, they're not bad at all ! They're admittedly not quite as good as the totally fresh brioche and buttery viennoiseries that you can buy still warm from the oven in French boulangeries, but they are just as good as the prepacked brioche products that you can buy in French supermarkets, which is pretty impressive, coming from a British bakery !

The range is quite extensive, with a variety of French-inspired products to choose from. First up are the Warburtons Butter and Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls, which are very close to what many French kids have for breakfast or snacks on the go. They come in a pack of six and are individually wrapped which helps keep them perfectly fresh. They're so buttery and soft that even those who don't have much appetite first thing in the morning will be tempted to fill their little bellies ! They can be eaten straight from the pack and are also delicious lightly toasted with a thin layer of strawberry jam. One Butter Brioche roll contains 119 calories.

Next up was the Brioche Swirls, which come in both Original and Raisin. They are also individually wrapped for convenience and freshness. They are filled with crème patissière which is a Warburtons' invention - the traditional French ones don't have that in them ! - but it does work well taste wise, although it makes it seem more of a cake that you'd eat as an indulgent afternoon treat than a healthy breakfast product. One Brioche Butter Swirl contains 146 calories.

The final product we tested was Warburtons Chocolate Chip Loaf which, again, is very very similar to a product we buy in French supermarkets. It tastes great straight from the pack but can also be lightly toasted (which is the perfect way of reviving it if it's gone a bit stale). I can tell you from past experience that this makes fantastic eggy bread, sprinkled with crunchy demerera sugar, or as bread and butter pudding. Warburtons suggest teaming their Brioche Choc Chip Loaf with tangy orange marmalade for a quick and easy breakfast treat that the whole family will love, but I have to say, I personally think that kills the delicious chocolate flavour. It doesn't actually need anything to enhance it, which makes it the perfect breakfast for young children as there is no complicated spreading or tricky jar opening to deal with. Just be warned - each slice contains 101 calories and it's so moreish, it's near-on impossible to stop at one slice !

If your kids are convinced that all French people eat frogs' legs and snails all the time, give them a taste of these new French-inspired brioche products and they'll soon change their minds about French food !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : Brioche Rolls £1.89 for 8, Brioche Swirls £1.89 for 6, 400g Chocolate Chip Loaf £2.15

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  1. Believe me or not, but my mouth is absolutely watering after reading this post and I have recently had my lunch!I've got to try them.

  2. These sound really tasty, my stomach is now rumbling!

  3. mm they look great.....super for lunch boxes!! I used to get a different variety but similar with choc chips in, but then both mine have milk intolerance. However, the youngest has no recently grown out of it so I'm able to change his snacks :). I think he'd love these.

  4. Yummy! More ideas for school lunches. These look just the thing.


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