Friday 3 October 2014

ALDI have kickstarted my autumn-cleaning !

I love Fridays because it's my afternoon off. I usually go for lunch with Madhouse Daddy and some mutual friends then head home, deal with errands and get in a spot of geocaching before the school run. It's lovely to start the weekend off early. My first job is usually sorting out the kitchen which invariably looks like a bomb's hit it. Sophie's mastered the art of warming up leftovers for her lunch but her talents don't stretch to doing the washing up or tidying up after herself apparently !

Luckily I had a bit of an ally this week - Aldi had sent me through a selection of their cleaning products for me to put through their paces. There's nothing like having some new goodies to try out to make the chores seem a bit more interesting ! I received :

Washing Up Brush Set - £1.29
Kilrock Kitchen Drain Unblocker - £1.99
Decorative Freshener - £1.69
Microfibre Tea Towels - £2.99

The Microfibre Polishing Tea Towels feel quite silky and look quite shiny so I was dubious about how well they would absorb the water from the washing up. They actually do a really good job though, and they feel much nicer than my usual rough tea towls when I'm drying up.

The washing up brushes were something else I was sceptical about. I usually use sponges which you can squish into all the corners so I wasn't sure how well a brush would manage. Again, I was pleasantly surprised - they managed to get my casserole dish that was soaking perfectly clean with minimal effort. On the flipside, they have a straight edge which was also perfect for scraping off baked-on marinade quickly and easily.

The Kil-Block Plughole and Drain Unblocker seemed to do a great job of freshening up my sink - I didn't have any blockages though so just used it to keep things under control rather than deal with a problem. The air freshener may look small and discreet but it really packs a punch. I put it in the kitchen and when I got up next morning, I could smell the green apple fragrance even from right upstairs in the passage !

Why wait for the springtime to freshen up the house? Right about now is the perfect time for some autumn-cleaning !

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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