Friday 10 October 2014

Shimmer 'n' Sparkle Cra-Z Knitz Ultimate Designer Knitting Station review

Hands up if your kids were or still are crazy about loom bands ! Here at The Madhouse, there's still plenting of looming going on but we're all running out of places on our wrists for any more bracelets ! Well, look out for the new kids' craze in town and I think it's a serious contender from taking over from loom bands !

At first sight, it does actually look quite similar to a loom band. The good news (for parents and kids who don't get much pocket money !) is that you won't have to keep going to the shops to buy more and more packets of little rubber bands. The Cra-Z Knitz knitting station can be used with any wool. That's a great way of using up any little odds and ends of balls of wool that you may happen to have lying around. If you're shaking your head thinking "no, I don't have odd balls of wool in MY house", don't worry, it comes with 615 yards of various coloured yarn, which is plenty to get you started.

There are actually two looms in the box - a 26 peg rectangular loom and a circular loom. You also get a knitting design desk (for working on and storing your wool and tools), a knitting hook, a plastic knitting needle and some balls of wool.

I have to admit, the girls need a bit more practice before they'll be able to wear out in public anything that they have made but they're getting there ! The best way to see some of the fab and funky things you can make is by watching the official trailer - I haven't dared show this to the Madhouse girls or they'll want to dress up our dogs too ! I want to find out how to make that panda though ! Youtube is teeming with tutorials on how to make anything from socks and fingerless mittens to slouchy beanie hats, legwarmers, even an earwarmer with a flower on it ... the options seem limitless. You can also mix things up by using special wool - glittery, metallic or fluffy wool all give different results.

I've never managed to learn to knit so I'm actually looking forward to having a go on this myself ... when the girls have stopped hogging it ! It's great fun and, if you've already had a go at making loom bands, you'll be able to pick it up very quickly and produce some lovely pieces to see you through the winter months. Watch out teachers - you won't be getting chocolates for Christmas this year, you'll be getting hand knitted socks, scarves and legwarmers !!

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £29.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Fantastic! My older niece loves loom bands, I imagine this would appeal to her creative side

  2. where can you get the needle if you lost it


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