Monday 27 October 2014

Madhouse Diaries : Hanging out with the fish in Gdynia, Poland !

As it was a work trip, we didn't get much time for sight-seeing in Poland - apart from our day trip to Gdansk, we were mainly in meetings with our Polish colleagues and visiting all the sports equipment around the town - but our hosts did set up a visit to Gdynia Aquarium for us.

As a mum, I've visited numerous aquariums with the kids in the past, but Gdynia Aquarium did have some strange-looking creatures that I'd never seen before. This spiny turtle was as curious looking at us as we were at it !

The Caimans looked very cute but I'm sure they'd have had your arm off given half a chance !

It was intriguing to learn what goes on under the sand when you're collecting shells at the beach.

The starfish stuck to the glass gave you a very close look at their underbelly.

The red starfish were so bright, I'd have been sure they'd been artificially coloured if I saw them in the shops !

Top prize for camouflage went to the stone fish. There are actually two in this picture. Can you spot them? (Hint : Look for the fins)

The Clown Fish had great fun darting in and out of the coral.

I think this was possibly one of the ugliest-looking fish !

Although the horned cow-fish looked very strange too !

Seahorses always look a bit extra-terrestrial to me. I was sure this one would get stabbed by the black spiny sea urchin but it didn't seem bothered.

This weird looking thing is a Slipper Lobster. It looks just like a face though.

I can see you ! (Just about !)

After hanging out with the fishy creatures, we moved outside. There is a cute statue in the middle of the sea opposite the aquarium. Apparently it represents a conductor leading the orchestra of the waves with his baton.

There is also a beautiful three-master ship, very similar to the one in Dunkerque, which seemed strange to us. A home from home !

We jumped in our chauffeur-driven van to head round the other side of the bay to a restaurant on the beach.

It's a totally artificial beach apparently and, again, reminded us of Dunkerque.

If it hadn't been raining, we'd have gone for a long walk along the prom, to burn off some of the calories from the most delicious frozen cheesecake I'd ever eaten !

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  1. Oh my that slipper lobster is a stuff of nightmares. We have only been in London aquarium.


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