Monday 20 October 2014

Madhouse Diaries : Autumnal Geocaching

Yesterday, it wasn't even me that suggested going out geocaching - it was the kids ! As I wasn't sure if it was going to rain, we headed into the town centre so that it wouldn't get too muddy and there would be places to shelter if the worst came to the worst. Urban geocaching can still be sporty - Sophie had to climb up on a road sign to get this one !

We found the next one nestling in a very realistic looking birds' nest, much to the kids' delight.

Pierre decided to revisit one that we'd found before that we were walking past, to see if there were any new treasures to swap - and there were !

We went exploring a nearby park, looking for some caches.

I love the way people create really ingenious caches that blend in with nature, such as this gigantic (and real) pine cone, with a hole drilled in the bottom to hide the logbook. We'd never seen a pine cone this big before.

Meanwhile, Pierre was busy making leaf piles and jumping in them.

Then there was much clambering about in the rocks.

As well as using the stepping stones to cross the tiny stream. 

Sophie wandered off to discreetly find the geocache hidden in this statue made of old anchors.

We took a Playmobil figure and dropped off a Rabid Rabbit.

We played pooh sticks and made leaf boats too.

Then watched the ducks for a while (and quacked at them). 

 We played around on the concrete sheep for a while !

Then we revisited a cache that I had never managed to find before (despite several visits) and this time, we found it - yay ! I knew it was a big one and it had loads of treasures to swap in it. Sophie loved the Rubik's cube keyring.

Pierre had more fun playing in the leaves !

We took some silly selfies while waiting for people to wander off so we could grab a geocache discreetly.

I bet everyone wondered what was so interesting about this tree !

We marvelled at how well camouflaged this one was - it's in the bolt !

Then we finished at the beach for one final cache with a sea view. Can you guess where it's hidden? We had to sit down and pretend to redo our laces to find it discreetly !

The kids played in the sand for a while then we went and got the bus home.

"Can we go geocaching again tomorrow, Mum ?!"

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. wow looks like a brilliant day. It is amazing how people disguise them, and I think things like the bolt and the pine cones are ones newbies would miss as they would not be ooking for them, being that bit more experienced has its advantages.
    I think it is a fab hobby when you can add it to pooh sticks, leaf playing, duck quacking and some beach time, then everybody gets pleasure out of it.

    1. Exactly - it's a great way of getting out in the fresh air and walking miles too. Not to mention all the parks and other new places we've discovered. :)

  2. A wonderful day that took you to so many interesting places. I love the huge pine cone with a hole drilled inside, I don't think I would have spotted that one! Thank you for sharing a great hunt on Country Kids

  3. Brilliant caches! We've found a fake pine cone but not a re-engineered real one, and that is a whopper! :)


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