Friday 17 October 2014

What's Cooking At The Madhouse? - menu plan 17/10

As this post goes live, I'm on my last day in Poland, having been there all week on a teacher exchange, but Madhouse Daddy will be asking for a shopping list tomorrow so I thought I'd better get organised before I went ! Heading into the school holidays now so I need to do lunches and evening meals. I have two cookery challenges to tackle - a tinned fish one and a Halloween-themed one - so I'll be getting a bit innovative and I also have Jordanian and Thai recipes to try out from my Kitchen Trotter box so it should be an interesting mix !


lunch - probably McDonalds because I'll be getting back late so it'll be a salmon salad for me

dinner - pad thai for the grown ups, cheese on toast for the kids


lunch - roast dinner - chicken probably

dinner -  mackerels on toast or something slightly more impressive on that tapas kind of theme !


lunch - tuna and tomato quiche with rice and salad

dinner - cottage pie with pumpkin/butternut squash & potato thatch


lunch - beef or pork stroganoff

dinner - tuna and olive fougasse with salad niçoise


lunch - spicy crab cakes with creamy vegetable rice

dinner - leftovers (I'm guessing cottage pie/stroganoff)


lunch - couscous maftoul (Jordan's take on couscous)

dinner - Turkish-style flatbread pizzas - minced meat or spicy tuna or possibly both


lunch - pasta salad (or hot pasta maybe) with red salmon, cherry tomatoes, olives, capers

dinner - cheesy parsnip, carrot, kale, potato and pumpkin soup

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