Friday 24 October 2014

What's Cooking At The Madhouse? - menu plan 24/10

Clearing out the kitchen cupboards this week !


lunch - probably McDonalds in which case it'll be a salmon salad for me

dinner - Bacon & Chickpea Soup replaced the Pad Thai on last week's menu so it'll be one or the other !


lunch - roast dinner - chicken or pork probably

dinner -  leftover soup


lunch - something using a pouch of coconut milk - Thai chicken curry maybe? or I have a recipe for Scallops in Coconut Milk with Red Curry from my Kitchen Trotter box

dinner - steak & boiled potatoes with veggies & a chive sauce


lunch - Jaegerschnitzel with spaghetti

dinner - macaroni cheese


lunch - pork chops with Actifry chips and one of the packets of sauce in the cupboard

dinner - butter chicken with naan bread & rice


lunch - toad in the hole with root veg mash & onion gravy

dinner - either beetroot soup (that I tried in Poland) or a weird and wonderful recipe from my Kitchen Trotter box using beetroot, prawns and satay sauce - hmm not sure about this one !


lunch - salmon with pesto, rice and veg

dinner - soup or leftovers

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  1. Sounds like a great meal plan for this week! Beetroot soup sounds very interesting.


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