Friday 31 October 2014

What's Cooking At The Madhouse? menu plan 31/10/14

Well, it's back to work and into a slightly crazy week with two parent-teacher evenings so Madhouse Daddy will be in charge of the cooking on those days as I'll be home around 9pm. I'm predicting that he'll either make soup or throw a frozen pizza in the oven, but he may surprise me !


lunch - I'm thinking homemade hamburgers and chips or fajitas - I'll throw it open to a public vote !

dinner - soup but not sure what - maybe Mexican black bean, maybe vegetable


lunch - roast dinner - the Madhouse grandparents are over for the day

dinner -  leftover soup


dinner - chicken curry with rice and naan


dinner - a Madhouse Daddy night - soup?


lunch - cheesy salmon fishcakes with mash and beans

dinner - macaroni cheese


dinner - another Madhouse Daddy night - there might be some leftovers to use up hopefully


dinner - mackerel and potato salad

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  1. hehehe! Good luck I hope Madhouse Daddy surprises you!

  2. Sounds lovely. Wish we had a man in the house who can cook - even opening a tin of soup would be nice!

  3. I keep meaning to do a weeks food plan but never seem to get round to it. Hopefully I will soon.


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