Thursday 30 October 2014

Our Halloween Baking with Yolli

A couple of months ago, got in touch and offered to send us through some goodies for us to get busy in the kitchen. It was a website I'd never heard of so I went to have a look and might have let out a little squeal ! They've got everything you need for making cakes, sweets and chocolates, including bags, ribbons and lolly sticks for making the perfect edible homemade Christmas gifts.

 They sent us through a little selection including a cookie cutter, fondant imprint mat and some ready-to-roll icing. When I saw the colours - orange and black - I knew that it would be perfect for some Halloween baking and put it in the cupboard until nearer the time.

Yesterday we pulled it all out and decided to get creating a ghoulish Halloween cake.

I'd never seen a fondant imprint mat before but it's a very clever idea. You roll your icing out on it and it picks up the pretty star design that is embossed on it. (There are other designs available and they only cost £6.98 so you could invest in one of each.)

We rolled out the orange icing , which didn't actually get as big as I was hoping. We'd made a big banana and chocolate cake (using up some over-ripe bananas from the fruit bowl that would have looked perfect for Halloween if I'd left them any longer !). I used the recipe that I'd used for banana and chocolate muffins but made one big cake instead. I'd planned on covering the whole cake - top and sides - with orange icing but one pack was only big enough to cover most of the top. 

The mat is totally flexible so you just roll it back to peel off the icing.

The patterns come through really well.

The only problem was, it did stick quite a lot so I didn't get a perfectly smooth finish and I had to seal up a couple of holes.

It was good enough for a Madhouse cake but I'd need some extra practice before using it for a birthday or special occasion cake that needs to look perfect !

I used the black icing for creating some eyes and a mouth to complete our Halloween pumpkin design. Meanwhile, Sophie was carving the real thing - but it ended up with a 1D design rather than the traditional Jack o' lantern face !

If you like getting creative in the kitchen, make sure you head over to to see what they have in stock. I have my eye on the multicoloured melts and the fillable Christmas decorations at the moment.

for more information :

Disclosure : I received some goodies in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I wonder if you could use a cake release spray so that the imprint mat doesn't get stuck? I haven't tried the mats before, but it looks fun.

    1. That was exactly what I thought but I was a bit worried about it making the icing go soggy. I'll try that next time though ... and if all else fails, the kids can have have it for their Play Doh !!


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