Tuesday 21 October 2014

Get ready for a #doraandfriends twitter party on 3rd November !

Pierre loves watching Dora the Explorer on TV. Big sister Juliette used to love watching it too, but now that she's 9, she's outgrown the series. We were therefore over the moon to discover that alongside the traditional pre-schooler Dora series, there is a new programme coming to Nick Jr - Dora and Friends Into The City

In a nutshell, Dora has grown up. I think this is a fabulous and very innovative idea. Imagine if all your childhood heroes could grow up with you. The Rugrats would be out of nappies, Diego could be a dad and the Scooby-Doo gang would all be grey haired pensioners ! Dora has only aged by a few years though. The official blurb for the series says : "Dora's growing up and still going on magical adventures! She uses her problem-solving skills to discover new things about her city, her friends and in two languages. A musician, singer, athlete, and devoted student, Dora tries to find new ways to give back to her family and community. As always, Dora is an active girl, ready for any adventure that may come her way." 

To help launch the new series, there will be a twitter party on Monday 3rd November from 4-6pm and we were delighted to be picked to be a party host. During the party there will be online spot competitions and more fun and games to take part in, so make sure your laptop, PC or smart device is ready to go as the party starts. I'll be back with more details but keep an eye on the hashtag #doraandfriends and follow @NickJrUK to stay in the loop.

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