Wednesday 29 October 2014

Globe-cooking recipe : Beetroot Salad with King Prawns (Thailand)

I have to admit, when I saw this recipe in my Thai-themed Kitchen Trotter box, I initially turned up my nose. It just didn't sound like it would work. Once I bit the bullet and tried it, it was actually really nice and something that I'd happily eat again, probably as a main meal salad rather than a starter next time.

It's a healthy mix of raw vegetables and prawns - perfect for a light option.

This required a bottle of Peanut & Coconut Thai Sauce from the Kitchen Trotter box but you could substitute this for the vinaigrette or dipping sauce of your choice.

Beetroot Salad with King Prawns

ingredients (for 4) :

marinade :

100ml water
100g sugar
1/4tsp salt
4tbsp white wine vinegar

1 beetroot
1 carrot
1/4 cucumber
1/4 red onion
salad leaves
12 king prawns (cooked and peeled)
2 hardboiled eggs
Peanut & Coconut Thai Sauce (or similar)

Peel and grate or finely chop the beetroot. (This is where my Jamie Oliver Chopping Tower is worth its weight in gold !) In a separate bowl, peel and grate or finely chop the onion, cucumber and carrot.

In yet another bowl, prepare the marinade by mixing the water, sugar and vinegar. Stir to dissolve then pour half into each bowl of vegetables. Put in the fridge for an hour.

During this time, boil the eggs and peel/cook the prawns if it's not already done. Wash and dry the salad.

Just before you're ready to serve, drain the marinating vegetables in a colander or sieve. Put some lettuce leaves on each plate. Top with 2 tablespoons of beetroot then carrot. Chop the eggs into quarters and arrange around the salad, along with the prawns.

Drizzle peanut & coconut sauce across the top and serve.

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  1. That looks delicious Cheryl.

    Do you think the dish would still work if the prawns were substituted for something suitable for vegetarians?

    Thanks :)

    1. Definitely - one of my daughters hates prawns so I just left them out on her plate :)


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