Sunday 19 October 2014

My mid-season fruit & veg haul !

Today I headed off to the local market to stock up on some fruit and vegetables. The veg box scheme has disintegrated so I decided to just go and buy lots of interesting things myself. I had a rough plan of coming home with sweetcorn, a pumpkin, butternut squash and round courgettes. I didn't find any of those but I did come home with this little lot !

After trying beetroot soup in Poland last week (that made my wee go bright red !!), I couldn't resist buying a couple of beetroot to try to recreate it.

I could really tell that we're between seasons by looking at the different autumn and summer produce on the stalls. I grabbed some melons (5 for €2 - can't get cheaper than that !) which remind me of balmy summer days. I also picked up a salad and some lemons. (Another Poland-inspired idea of putting slices of lemon in jugs of water.)

 I also bought some red onions, red and green peppers, a pomegranate, some persimmons and a whole crate full of over-ripe figs that I'll need to get innovative with. (See my next blogpost of you have any ideas !) That should keep me busy for a while. I need a bigger fruit bowl though !

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