Sunday 5 October 2014

Kiddie Kitchen Fun : Ice Cream For Breakfast !!

Nestle recently sent us through a selection of their breakfast cereals and challenged us to get creative in the kitchen. We've been having great fun playing with them and coming up with weird and wacky snacks. I noticed the green banner across the top of the boxes and was impressed to learn that it signals cereal which contains whole grain (along with at least six vitamins and minerals in all fortified Nestlé Cereals), which is always good to know.

When I told the kids they could have ice cream for breakfast, they thought I'd gone mad!  This is a sneaky treat though, using cereal and fruit for a healthy twist !

Looking at the Shreddies, the texture reminded me of ice cream cones which is what gave me the idea.

We melted some marshmallows in the microwave. Pierre and Juliette thought they looked like cobwebs so I'm sure they'd be great for making spooky Halloween spider treats too.

Pour some Shreddies into the bowl and mix them up. Lay them out in a rough layer and put them in the fridge for an hour to set.

Cut the Shreddie mix into rough triangle shapes for the ice cream cones and lay onto a big plate. Arrange banana slices to look like a scoop of ice cream, top with a glacé cherry and sprinkle with hundreds and thousands or drizzle with strawberry or chocolate ice cream sauce.

These are totally gooey to eat and the kids wolfed them down !

Disclosure : I received a selection of Nestlé Crereals to get creative with.

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