Sunday 5 October 2014

Sunday weigh-in : a bit of a non-week

For the last month since getting back off holiday, I've been full of motivation and determination, doing everything right and confidently watching the scales going down. This week, it just didn't really happen. I've been trying to work out why and I don't really know - tiredness? a hectic week? knowing that in a week I'm going to Poland with the school so I'll have to take a week off anyway? feeling dehydrated because of the TurboDraine trial? Not sure, but for some reason, it just wasn't really happening. (I've just slept until 10am - I can't remember the last time that happened so I must have needed it !)

I haven't pigged out or been a slob all week. I've been getting out on long walks/geocaching lots again but I've been eating at the canteen rather than taking in a SlimFast shake. There were a few days when I forgot to track my calories on the FitBug for the evening meal (and you can't go back and fill it in for previous days). So although it hasn't been a really bad week, it hasn't been a really great one either. I just feel like I took my eye off the ball a bit.

I was expecting a no change and that was what I got. Last week, I was at 85.4kg. This week, the scales say 85.3kg. Not great but it's better than a gain.

Positives of the week

- The FitBug increased my steps target (again !) to 16,200 overall steps and 2,800 aerobic steps. (It was 15,400.) I hit my targets on Sunday (23,527 steps - 16km), on Monday I was a bit short (but it's still pretty good with 14,068 steps and 9km covered), Tuesday is always one of my lower step days (10,904 steps - 7km), Wednesday I hit my targets by throwing in a 10 minute endurance run on the WiiFit (20,518 steps and 14km), a lunchtime geocaching session had me hitting my target on Thursday (17,491 steps and 12km), on Friday I hit my aerobic target but was just shy of my overall target because I had to take the kids to the dentist rather than get out on my afternoon off (15,211 steps and 10km). Finally, on Saturday, we went for another geocaching walk which blasted through the targets (18,923 steps and 13km). That's a total of 120, 642 steps which sounds very impressive, and corresponds to 81km or 50 miles.

- Over the summer, I had to stop wearing my favourite bra because it was digging in - it now fits perfectly again.

- I'm tentatively considering starting out on the Couch to 5k running programme - I did a 2km WiiFit jog on Wednesday and found it quite easy.

- I may have only lost 100g but it was enough to push my tickers on from 43lb to go/18lb lost to 43lb to go/19lb lost. :)

Current targets 

Last week's target : Get into the 84 point somethings - hit all stepcount targets on 4 days (DONE for the steps, almost done for the weight)

This week's targets : Get back on track. Track all meals on the FitBug. Keep up the walking and throw in a WiiFit run. Start listening to the SlimPod and the FitPod again.

Short-term targets 21kg to lose sounds a lot but breaking it down, aiming for 1kg a week, that's only about 5 months -
first target, get my "weight to lose" badge down into the 40's (it's currently on 51lb) by next week (done),
 second goal - get back to 85.6kg, my pre-holiday weight, by the end of September(done)
third goal : get my "kg lost" badge back into double figures by Halloween
fourth goal : get my "weight loss" badge higher than my "still to go" badge
fifth goal : get back into my (smallest) bright blue jeans comfortably
sixth goal : get back to 77kg - my lowest weight since my pregnancies

Longer-term targets :  Hit my target weight of 68kg. 

STILL TO GO : 17.3kg

Feel free to add your weightloss posts to my weekly linkie - it's great to see how everyone else has been getting on and give each other support and encouragement. You can even grab the linkie code and add it to your own blog if you like. :)

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  1. A small loss is fab for what you think is not a great week - if I'd walked 50 miles this week I'd be raving about it ;)

    1. LOL That's the good/bad thing about the FitBug - you can walk 15000 steps but still feel you should be doing more because you haven't hit your target. (It bases your targets on what you do already and constantly pushes the goals further, as far as I can tell.) Thank you for your comment, it put it all in perspective ! xxx

  2. Whoa 8kg loss! That's huge. Well done. Keep it up!

  3. Dreading the scales next Monday after 2 wks off - got my 2 stone award and given myself permission to eat what I want!

    1. That's a fantastic achievement so even if you've put a little bit back on, don't worry about it. Let me know how you get on xx


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