Sunday 5 October 2014

Forget Silk Sheets, Get A Silk Quilt ! (review)

When I was younger, I thought the whole idea of silk sheets was extremely romantic, sensual and very grown-up. When I eventually slept in some, I actually found them to be rather cold, slippery and a bit off-putting really ! When Silk Bedding Direct offered to send us one of their silk-filled quilts to try out, I wasn't sure what we'd think but I was very pleasantly surprised. The silk is on the inside,   encased in a high quality 300 thread count cotton sateen cover, so it feels soft and snuggly, not cold and uninviting at all !

When I read up on the mulberry silk used inside the duvets, I was incredibly impressed - it offers a whole host of health benefits that I was totally unaware of. I did know that most types of bedding contain thousands or even millions of dust mites, plus mould, fungus and other microscopic life forms that I'd rather not think about. The great news is that these cannot live in mulberry silk. As bed bugs and their droppings are a common trigger for asthma, that's good to know if you have an asthma-sufferer in the family.

That's not the only advantage though. According to the website, it also helps delay skin aging (due to the amino acids in the silk) and protects the skin (a natural part of silk is the protein sericin which leaves a protective barrier on skin), nourishes and protects the hair for the same reasons, promotes relaxation in the central nervous system (good if you suffer from insomnia), self regulates temperature and naturally drapes for snug sleeping.

The duvets come in different thicknesses (light for summer, medium for spring/autumn and deep for winter) but they also have clips on them allowing you to attach two together, if you require extra warmth.

Another big plus point is that silk-filled duvets require very little cleaning. Over time, if it becomes a bit flat from usage, you just need to air it outside on a warm day to enhance the silk's natural properties. Using an outer cover means that under normal circumstances, the silk duvet itself will almost never require cleaning. (If necessary a mild detergent can be used to spot clean.) If you've ever tried to fit a normal duvet in the washing machine, you'll know how handy this aspect is !

While I was waiting to take the photos for the review, the duvet was on the floor in the bedroom (in the protective and space-saving storage bag which looks like a vintage suitcase). Every single time that I came upstairs, the kids were sprawled out on our bed watching cartoons or reading comics under the duvet ! I asked why they liked it so much and they said it was because it's very soft and snuggly, it's lovely and warm and it feels nice on your skin. 

So there you have it ! Whether you're impressed with the health benefits or you just want a lovely snuggly quilt, it covers all bases.

star rating : 5/5

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Disclosure : I received a duvet in order to write an honest review.

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