Monday 13 October 2014

Kiddie Kitchen Fun : Cheerios Frankenstein's Monsters

When Nestle sent us through a selection of their cereals and challenged us to get creative in the kitchen, we had a fun Saturday afternoon making silly snacks, including breakfast ice cream cones and Shredded Wheat Nests. After the summer and Easter themes, I decided to get a bit more topical and do something Halloweeny this time. These Frankenstein's monster snacks were ideal.

This time we decided to use Cheerios.

I put a bar of white chocolate in a bowl and melted it in the microwave. I added some green food colouring to get the right colour for Frankie's face but rapidly discovered that food colouring makes melted chocolate go weird ! It went a bit like modelling clay, which made it very tricky to stick the cereal together.

I tried my best though and squished it into the corners of a rectangular tin (greased with cake release spray) to make square shapes. After an hour in the fridge, we were ready to get decorating.

I carefully dipped the top of each square into milk chocolate for the hair then stuck a chocolate chip on each side as the nuts and bolts. We used white cake decorations for eyes and icing gel pens to add pupils and mouths.

They came out slightly haphazard but the kids loved making them ... and eating them.

You can see what Pierre thought of them !!

Disclosure : I received a selection of Nestlé Crereals to get creative with.

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  1. Super monsters! And lol @ Pierre's face. Great fun for kids!

  2. Love Pierres face lol. The monsters look fab as well


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