Friday 31 October 2014

Some last minute Halloween baking !

When I popped into Lidl this morning to pick up some tomatoes, they were clearing out their Halloween baking range. The kits looked fun - bubble gum flavour icing and pumpkin-shaped rice paper shapes were enough to sell them ! - so I told Pierre to grab a box of each.

The Halloween Cupcakes kit contained a sachet of chocolate cupcake mix, a sachet of icing sugar that turns bright green (and smells of bubble gum !) when you add milk and some orange sprinkles.

The Halloween Iced Cake Bites kit contains a sachet of whoopie mix, a sachet of icing sugar (that turns blood red !) and some cool pumpkin cake toppers.

Pierre got down to business, cracking an egg to add to each and mixing in the milk, oil and margarine, as per the instructions.

Half an hour later, here was the finished result.

The bubble gum icing is a bit sickly but the kids liked them and they certainly look the part for Halloween !

After this we headed off for some trick-or-treating.

After wandering around the neighbourhood, here was our sweetie stash - including the packet of Jaffa cakes !

So did you do anything for Halloween this year? Sophie's highlight was still her 1D carved pumpkin !

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  1. Nice scary pumpkin costume! Trying to figure out which character is Sophie's costume

    1. I don't think she knew herself !! lol - she did a great job with Pierre's makeup though :)

  2. These looks fab! We have an Aldi near us but I didn't see anything like this. Such an easy way to bake with the kids! Lots of fun but limited mess! Alex x


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