Monday 13 October 2014

Picture book review : Bibble and the Bubbles - Alice Hemming & Sara Sanchez

 Bibble and the Bubbles immediately appealed to the Madhouse kids because it reminded them of our fabulous bubble blowing fun a few weeks ago. I also recognised the author's name and realised that I'd reviewed another of Alice Hemming's books, The Black and White Club, last year.

Bibble and the Bubbles answers a question that Pierre - and I'm sure most other kids - has often asked : where do the bubbles go when they drift off into the sky? The answer is, they fly higher and higher until they arrive on a distant planet, inhabited by cute alien Bibble. He loves playing with Bobby's bubbles but one day they stop coming, so he makes a bubble spaceship and goes down to earth to find out why. 

After an afternoon of bubble fun, Bibble goes back home. I'm sure I'm not the only parent who will be reminded of the film ET - I was sure there would be a rainbow trail coming from his spaceship !

It's a heartwarming, fun tale that has added a little bit more magic to playing with bubbles. I love the alliteration of bubbles, Bobby and Bibble that makes it a real pleasure to read out loud at bedtime. The illustrations are enchanting too.

star rating : 5/5

  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Maverick Arts Publishing (28 Sep 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 184886115X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1848861152
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 25.6 x 0.4 cm

RRP : £6.99

Disclosure : We received the book in order to write an honest review.

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