Wednesday 29 October 2014

Almost enough to make me feel broody ! (review)

Before I go any further, can I just highlight the word ALMOST in that title ! Yesterday was my 42nd birthday and my baby days are way behind me ! I pointed out to Sophie the other day that the next nappy I change will probably be for her son or daughter (but she's only 13 so it won't be for a while yet !). A friend has just announced her pregnancy though, so I'll be passing on these lovely baby products to her that we received for review.

First of all, the Comfortchew from Cheeky Chompers, an attachable teething comforter with textures and patterns to stimulate babies and soothe tender gums. It has been designed to bring together baby’s favourite essentials in one – a comforter, a teether, tags, and the feel of their favourite teddy. Perfect for teething stages and beyond, the soft chewy textured Hippo-teether gives a great ‘bite’, using an innovative, dimpled design to massage and sooth tender gums and encourage new teeth to break through.

It's really soft and cuddly (it's made from super-soft jersey cotton and luxurious cuddle fleece) so baby will love snuggling up to it, but it is also designd with parents in mind -  it can be attached to baby’s wrist, cot, car seat, buggy or dummy so that it won't keep falling on the floor or getting lost. The hippo design is lovely, giving it the perfect balance of fun and functional.

RRP: £17.95, for more information :

Next up was this twin pack of Tommee Tippee Disposable Steri-Bottles. For parents who like to get out and about, washing and sterilising bottles can just be an added hassle. Perfect for holidays, days out and trips to see family and friends, the Tommee Tippee Steri-bottle is ready to use with no washing or sterilising required. For an easy feed, just unwrap, fill, feed and throw away. So every feed can be fresh, safe and easy for you and your baby. Total feeding convenience – all in one.

This is not something you'd want to use all the time but for special occasions, it's a really convenient solution. I could see this being really handy if dad or a babysitter is being left at home and isn't too sure on how to go about sterilising. It could also be useful for breastfeeding mums who want to express the odd bottle of milk here and there, maybe for a night out, but who don't need to invest in sterilising equipment. If you're thinking that they're not very eco-friendly, the good news is that they're 100% recyclable.

RRP : £2.49 for a twin pack, for more information :

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Ah, 42 is still young. I had Eddie at 42. ;)

    1. Don't think I could face the sleepless nights, pooey nappies and potty training again ! lol


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