Sunday 26 October 2014

Globe-cooking recipe : Jasmine-infused coconut & cherry custard (Thailand)

In this month's Thai-themed Kitchen Trotter box, there was a recipe for a Thai Jasmine Custard dessert. It used pumpkin as a base but I wasn't sure how the kids would feel about that (and I didn't have any) so I replaced it with a jar of sour cherries, which worked really well.

The dried jasmine buds from the Kitchen Trotter box are an ingredient I'd never used before and they smelt a bit strange to be honest so I wasn't too sure what we'd think.

This was also the perfect time for trying out a pouch of Rhythm Coconut Milk that I'd been sent to review. (More about that in another post.) 

Jasmine-infused Coconut & Cherry Custard

ingredients :

10 jasmine buds
300ml coconut milk
200g caster sugar
a pinch of salt
5 eggs
1/2 jar sour cherries (can be substituted for fruit of your choice)
100g dessicated coconut

In a saucepan, boil the coconut milk for ten minutes and add the sugar, salt and jasmine flowers. Leave to go cold.

Break the eggs into a bowl and gently break the yolks then mix them slowly into the whites without making it froth.

Once the coconut milk has cooled (and not before !), add the eggs and gently combine. Leave for 15 minutes for the jasmine to infuse the creamy mixture. Strain through a sieve to remove the jasmine buds.

Put a couple of spoonfuls of fruit in the bottom of six ramekins.

Sprinkle each dish with a tablespoon or two of dessicated coconut.

Pour the eggy cream over the fruit, leaving a few millimetres gap at the top of each ramekin. Place the ramekins in an ovenproof dish and pour water into the bottom of the dish. (It should come about half way up the ramekins.) Carefully put in the oven (be very careful you don't slosh water into the ramekins !) at 180° for about half an hour.

These had a fabulous coconut flavour and the cherries rose to the top and looked great. We couldn't really detect the jasmine flavour though.

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  1. Wow this sounds like it would taste amazing! What a different dish #TastyTuesdays

  2. I love sour cherries, I bet that was amazing!

  3. Adore sour cherries, this looks so creamy! Adore coconut milk too! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  4. These look lovely and sound delicious :)

  5. Just fabulous, Cheryl. Shortlisted for a feature. Cheers


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