Tuesday 21 October 2014

Kärcher MV3 P Multi Purpose Vacuum review

As a Kärcher Clean Ambassador, I've already tried out several of their products over the past few months - a Floor Polisher, a Window Vac, a Compact Pressure Washer and a Steam Cleaner - but the product that I was really keen to put the test was their vacuum cleaner. This month, I was very excited when we received the MV3 P Multi Purpose Vacuum to review.

The kids loved it as soon as I took it out of the box because they decided it looked like a cute cross between R2D2 and a Minion ! It does look very funky - I love the cheerful yellow colour that Kärcher use for their products that puts a smile on my face when I do the chores ! - but I was more interested in how well it would work.

It has some very impressive credentials. The official blurb on the Kärcher website says : "The MV3 P multi-purpose vacuum cleaner has a 17-litre container and a power-tool socket with automatic on/off switch. The device impresses with its high suction force and energy efficiency." It has an extra powerful 1400w motor for unbeatable pick up of debris.

It's not just a regular vacuum cleaner though.  Kärcher explain : "The new range is the strongest ever thanks to its intense suction power. The MP Vacs can be used to clean up more than just dust and suck up both wet and dry debris, making them ideal for cleaning the garage, car, workshop or for use with DIY renovations. Featuring robust motors, which are designed to outperform ordinary Vacs and pick up not only heavy duty mess such as rubble and saw dust, but also sludge and spills, the high-suction machines are even able to unblock sinks! The new Vacs are designed to maximise output and conserve energy consumption, making them Kärcher’s most energy efficient Vacs yet."

As a vacuum cleaner, it does a great job, picking up dust and dog hair that are deeply embedded in the rugs and carpets that our old vacuum cleaner used to leave behind. It's also great for sucking up the heavier things like beads and marbles that are scattered across the kids' floors. (They've been warned !) One function that we discovered by accident (when we plugged the hose into the wrong hole !) was the blow function - this is fabulous for blowing all the dust and cobwebs out of hard to reach areas that the vacuum cleaner can't get to, such as the grooves in the radiators, under the beds and settee or in the corners of the room where the spiders like to lurk !

I'm sure the novelty will soon wear off but I love the fact that everyone is queueing up to use it too ! Juliette has hoovered her room (most unusual !), Sophie has offered to vacuum the bedrooms and Madhouse Daddy offered to take over when I was doing the rugs ! If you have a DIY enthusiast in the house, there is another handy function - a socket allowing you to plug in a power tool such as a drill or a sander so that the vac will switch on simultaneously and suck up all the dust as you go - how cool is that ?!

Given the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner plus all the extra fuctions, I was impressed with the price - at £119.99 it's a great investment for the home, on a day-to-day basis but especially if you have any DIY or renovations planned. This would have been a Godsend when we had the loft converted.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £119.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I didn't realise that Karcher did vacuum cleaners. It looks like a really good product. Dogs hair tends to get everywhere in my house! The one I really want to try is the steam cleaner!

  2. We have one of their steam cleaners. I didn't realise they did a range of vacuum cleaners

  3. I need to get a new vacuum cleaner. I have a bad back and just wonder whether it would be better for me to have an upright vacuum, rather than one like this, although the fact it is light would be helpful.

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