Saturday 2 March 2013

Mama's taking us to the zoo !

Well, we didn't stay all day because it was far too cold but we did have great fun, even if some of the animals were in hibernation (including the hamsters - I didn't know they hibernated ! - and the tortoises which had buried themselves in the ground).

We always love the seal enclosure because you go downstairs and see them from underwater. One of them was naughty and kept splashing really hard with its tail, much to Pierre's delight !

We had a good laugh at the pelicans doing Gangnam-style dancing !

A rather arty photo of a spoonbill.

I love the way these photos look photoshopped but they're not at all.

If I hadn't taken the photo myself, I would never believe that the colour hasn't been drained from the background to make the blue look more vibrant but it's just the wonder of nature !

Juliette tried (and failed) to leap as far as a hare !

The girls loved hunting out the different shaped holepunchers hidden around the zoo and completing their treasure hunt card so that they got stickers and posters in the shop at the end.

Father Christmas's reindeer were having a well-earned rest. (They really are Santa's reindeer too because he visits the zoo at Christmastime.)

The bears are the biggest animals at the zoo because it only features European animals.

They actually looked quite content - the last time we went, we thought one looked very distraught.

Comparing ourselves to the size of a bear. Pierre's nice and warm tucked up in there, unlike the rest of us !

Juliette discovered that her arms are shorter than a stork's wingspan.

No baby deliveries today !

Eeek definitely the scariest animals in the zoo !

Cheeky monkeys !

We made it into an adventure and walked all the way there (3.4km) to see what we could find on the way - we came across a garden with loads of rabbits, chickens, geese, hens and cockerels.

If you fancy a visit, you can find out more about Le Zoo de Fort Mardyck (just next to Dunkirk) at It's only a small zoo but it's great for a family afternoon out.

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  1. Aww, look at those bears!!! Beautiful photos, Looks like so much fun.
    I love the zoo x

  2. Looks like a fun day out! We love going to the zoo!


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