Tuesday 26 March 2013

We're all ready for our #PeppasThemeParkParty !

The big day has arrived ! Much to the Madhouse Mini Testers' delight, it's time for our Peppa Pig Party. As well as a bunch of bloggers (including me) having real life parties, and some tweeting live from Peppa Pig World at real-life theme park Paulton's Park, you can all join in the fun too by following the #PeppasThemeParkParty hashtag and all the tweets on @UKMumsTV from 3-5pm. There will be lots of chances to win some lovely Peppa-themed toys so make sure you pop along to join in the fun !

Sophie decided to help out getting everything ready for our Peppa party and excitedly unpacked the box of supplies. I heard lots of "wows" and "oohs" as she unpacked everything !

Our dining room table has been transformed into a Peppa Pig wonderland ! There's a Peppa Pig tablecloth, Peppa Pig serviettes, plates and paper cups ... The guests will be tucking into some rather lovely Peppa Pig cakes later on - yum !

We have colouring sheets and party bags...

Not forgetting the lovely Peppa Pig toys for them all to play with and discover. There are soft toys, mini figurines, a book and some Theme Park themed playsets. I have to say it all looks rather fabulous !

Pierre was most impressed to wander into the living room and discover a life-sized (for him - it's about the same size as him!) Peppa Pig !

Roll up, roll up, all the fun of the Peppa Pig Fair coming right up !

Disclosure : As a #PeppasThemeParkParty host, we received a box full of Peppa Pig-themed party supplies as well as a selection of toys, some to keep and some to give away as prizes to the guests.

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