Saturday 23 March 2013

Raise a (cocktail) glass in honour of Roobarb & Custard !

Last week, a press release landed in my inbox that made me smile and feel all nostalgic. Do you remember Roobarb & Custard ? (Well, I always thought it was called Roobarb & Custard but it turns out it was just Roobarb.) Roobarb was the slightly mad green dog and Custard was a pink cat. The original series started in the seventies and I remember it from my youth, but I've just learnt that there's a new series on Five's Milkshake! at the weekends. Anyway, in honour of two great names behind the series who have sadly passed away recently, Shaken & Stirred have come up with some rhubarb and custard-themed cocktails. It's Saturday night - it would be rude not to share them with you !



Roobarb is a British animated kids TV classic. It was first shown in 1974 and is still much loved today by children of all ages! Contrary to common belief, the cult series was not called Roobarb and Custard, but features the energetic adventures and endless enthusiasm of the eternally optimistic (green) dog, Roobarb - and Custard, the (pink) cynical and sneaky cat. Its writer was Grange Calveley (whose border collie the madcap tales were based upon). Sadly the series animation director Bob Godfrey and the voice of the characters Richard Briers both recently died. So, to celebrate the memory of one of one of its favourite TV programmes and honour two of the great men involved with its appearance on our screens, Shaken and Stirred has created two unique cocktails. Made with easy to find ingredients, Shaken and Stirred suggests mixing the cocktails up at home, then sitting down to enjoy some of the timelessly fun, award winning Roobarb cartoons.

Shaken and Stirred Rhubarb and Custard Sweet Treat

The Shaken and Stirred Rhubarb and Custard Sweet Treat is a deliciously fun mix of rhubarb jam, custard, and a little something warming. Evocative of the bright, cheerful Roobarb cartoons, but definitely a grown-up treat! Anyone who loves custard on their pud will enjoy this!


35 ml spiced rum

15ml Advocaat (optional)

25ml rhubarb jam

50ml fresh vanilla custard


* Blend the ingredients with crushed ice

* Ensure the jam is mixed throughout

* Serve in a hurricane glass. Garnish with hundreds & thousands

Glass: Sling or Highball

Garnish: Thin slices/ cross sections of rhubarb and a stick of rhubarb as a stirrer

Or hundreds and thousands if you have a sweeter tooth!


Shaken and Stirred Rhubarb Mule

Rhubarb is one of Britain’s early fruits and is fantastic when combined with ginger. The Shaken and Stirred Rhubarb Mule is a fun and zingy cocktail. This cocktail is a little sweet but a little sassy too, evocative of the bright, cheerful cartoon characters Roobarb and Custard. It’s perfect to drink while discussing your favourite episode!


50 ml Vodka

25ml rhubarb jam (rhubarb and ginger jam adds a little extra zing)

3 wedges fresh lime

100ml Ginger beer

3 dashes Bitters


* Build first 2 ingredients in the glass and stir thoroughly

* Add ice

* Top with ginger beer

* Add in wedges of lime, so they are throughout the drink

* Gently top with bitters

Glass: Hurricane or Tall Curvy glass

Garnish: No garnish needed!

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  1. Yes, Richard Briers and Bob Godfrey will be sadly missed.

  2. I've now got the Roobarb & Custard theme tune running through my head!

  3. I thought it was Roobarb & Custard too! Just thinking of the music makes me smile! Talking of TV... have you seen Spiral?

  4. How fantastic, Cheryl. Thanks for linking it in. Cheers


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