Sunday 31 March 2013

Tails Mai Tai Cocktails review

A few weeks ago, I received two little bottles of Mai Tai from Tails who make ready-to-drink cocktails. I'd never had a Mai Tai before (in fact, I'm such a child of the eighties that every time I say or type that, I start singing "Our love is his-tor-y, I'm gonna burn the letters you were sending me" - you'll have to go and google it if you're too young to know what I'm talking about !) so I headed off to investigate. 

It is described as "an exotic cocktail of pineapple, almond and lime, made with a blend of light and dark Caribbean Rums". Hmmm this summoned up visions of a fruity, non coconutty version of Malibu and pineapple, sounds good.

I poured it into a glass over ice (having already chilled the bottle in the fridge) and took a sip. It's not as sweet as I was expecting because the sharpness of the lime juice counterbalances the sweetness of the pineapple. It actually reminded me very much of a Ti Punch which is a very popular drink in France - that's a mixture of sugar cane syrup, white rum and lime juice.

It slipped down very nicely and I was surprised to see, it actually had quite a hit to it ! I drank this before lunch on an empty stomach and could feel it go straight to my head ! Looking on the bottle, one glass (I was drinking a 150ml Mini but you can also buy bigger 500ml bottles) contains 2.25 units of alcohol (if my slightly squiffy memory serves me well !) and is 15% ABV. I would have liked to have seen some information regarding the number of calories on the bottle too.

The mini bottles just need to be poured over ice but the bigger bottles are designed to be used as shakers, adding ice to the bottle and shaking before serving. If you want to add a bit of the fun of cocktail making without all the hassle of buying and measuring out different spirits, it's a great compromise.

As well as the Mai Tai that I tried, Tails also make Cosmopolitans, Espresso Martinis and Elderflower Collins.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £12 for 500ml, £4.50 for 150ml

for more information :

Disclosure : I received some Tails Mai Tai Minis in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I love a good cocktail! These sound delish!

  2. I agree - calories info needs to on the bottle!

  3. Sounds lovely, be a nice treat on a saturday evening.

  4. Ooh this sounds lovely, I love a good cocktail!

  5. I like the fact it goes straight to the head! Sometimes that's what a cocktail is for.:)


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