Friday 22 March 2013

What's Cooking at the Madhouse next week? Menu Plan 22/3

I almost didn't bother doing a menu plan this week. Next week (and the week after, but let's just take one week at a time) is going to be a horrendous week with after school meetings until 8pm some nights so by the time I get home, Madhouse Daddy Mike will be on food duty and it'll probably be something frozen of the ready-meal variety. But I'll come up with a rough guide for insipration to try to keep on track at least some nights.

Saturday :

lunch - probably eating out somewhere - maybe Subway? - because Madhouse Daddy Mike (touting for customers for his language training centre) and Sophie (with her school Japanese club) are off to a language conference all day tomorrow and I said I'd drop in to see them with the littlies in tow.

dinner - leftover vegetable soup (that is in the soupmaker right this second !)

Sunday :

lunch -  roast dinner - maybe lamb for a change, because there's some in the freezer, with vegetables and roast potatoes

dinner - porridge, cereal or a sandwich

Monday : 

dinner - leftover roast dinner with a pouch of Uncle Ben's Express rice (Madhouse Daddy Mike will be able to manage that !)

Tuesday :

dinner - pasta and a jar of pasta sauce, with extra veggies added (mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers, and maybe something else, depending on what's in the veg box) - or if we're all too tired, a bagel with ham, homemade coleslaw, tomatoes and salad

Wednesday :

lunch - it's a quick Madhouse Daddy Mike special : beefburgers and rice or pasta probably, with the rest of the homemade coleslaw

dinner -  Pork Paupiettes (sausagemeat wrapped in a pork escalope) with sweet potato wedges and some vegetables (maybe broccoli, maybe roast tomatoes, maybe something else)

Thursday :

dinner - whatever I made in the slow cooker yesterday - quite probably beef and vegetable stew with leftover sweet potato wedges if there are some left (or another pouch of rice if not)

Friday :

dinner - Sweet Soy Glaze Chicken with stir-fried vegetables and noodles (because this is what we were supposed to be having tonight but we're having vegetable soup instead so I'll stick it on next week's menu instead!)

So what are you eating next week?

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  1. You always seem so organised! I feel we often have the same dinners week after week!

    1. That was part of the reason I started menu planning a few weeks ago - I got fed up of getting home from work and desperately trying to find something inspiring and different with the contents of the fridge/cupboard every night !

  2. A nice menu! Love the sound of the pork paupiettes and the soy glazed chicken among other dishes. Also envious that your DH can cook, mine can only serve a muesli with milk, bless him, and make a very decent latte.


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