Sunday 10 March 2013

Happy Mother's Day !

I hope all you lovely mums had a fab day today and got spoilt rotten.

The Madhouse Mini-testers were very excited about preparing an indoor picnic to celebrate Mother's Day ! I was actually very impressed at the amount of veggies they included. (It's obviously the sausages that Sophie wanted to eat though !)

But the best gift of all that any mum could hope for ? A big "Teletubbies love each other very very very much" cuddle !

It's Mother's Day in the UK today but in France, it's not until the end of May so I'll get spoilt all over again then - it's one of the perks of living in a bilingual household !

I hope you all managed to make some special memories too :)

Disclosure :  Mothercare has teamed up with award-winning filmmaker and director Susie Donaldson to create an exclusive crowd-sourced Mother’s Day Movie. The movie will be created using videos and pictures tweeted by real Mums this Mother’s Day, shining the spotlight on the laughter, tears, pride and joy of 24 hours in the life of the modern-day Mum. This blogpost was created to show our Madhouse #MothersDayMoments.

For the chance to star in ‘Mother’s Day: The Movie’, Mums simply need to tweet their moments, photos and video footage with the hashtag #MothersDayMoments on Mother’s Day. More information is available on the official Mothercare Facebook page (

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  1. Aww, looks like you had a lovely day - happy mothers day xx


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