Saturday 9 March 2013

The East India Company Chocolate Encased Strawberries and Raspberries review

I recently received an email from The East India Company, asking if I'd like to review something from their Mother's Day gift range. I clicked through to find out more about the company and was very impressed, not only by the decadent foodie treats on offer but also the history of the company - it's been around for centuries!

 The website explains : "Since its creation in 1600 by The Royal Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I, the influence of The East India Company has been well documented. It changed the world's tastes, its thinking, and its people. It created new communities, trading places, cities and shaped countries and commercial routes. The East India Company Fine Foods has developed a range of fine luxury foods of over 350 products. These can now be found at its flagship store in the heart of London’s Mayfair. These are within categories such as Tea, Chocolate, Coffee, Jams, Mustard and Biscuits, as well as a range of corporate and occasion based gift boxes, hampers and trunks. To receive a luxury food gift from The East India Company is to feel truly indulged, valued and wanted. " Oooh sounds perfect for a truly special Mother's Day gift.

I had a look through their suggestions and opted for the Chocolate Enrobed Raspberries and Strawberries. I was expecting something nice but have to say, I was blown away by quite how lovely they are.

I started with the raspberries. You actually get whole freeze-dried raspberries encased in a generous layer of  Belgian milk chocolate. There's an authentic taste of raspberry, as well as a slight crunch, and the sweet creaminess of the chocolate contrasts really well with the tart raspberry flavour. The website suggests enjoying these with coffee or ice cream but I think that would be a waste - they're utterly delicious and should be savoured on their own !

Moving on to the strawberries, you again get whole freeze dried fruit encased in gorgeous creamy chocolate but this time it's white chocolate. The explosion of sweet strawberry flavour mingles with the creaminess of the chocolate so you get the impression you're eating strawberries and cream - forget paying a fortune for strawberries at Wimbledon and buy these instead ! They are utterly delicious and totally moreish.

If you want a special Mother's Day gift or a grown-up Easter treat, these are ideal. They're far too good to share with the kids though so find a decent hiding place !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £7.95 for 150g

Disclosure : I received some chocolate encased strawberries and raspberries in order to write an honest review.

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  1. oh my, they sound delish!

  2. One word: lush. I'd love to sample some too, lol, for any day of the year, not just Mother's day. I can see you were hit by the bloody spammers, I had to delete a lot of spam this morning, drives me nuts.

    1. I get over a hundred every day - blogger used to filter them out but doesn't seem to be working any more. I did turn off anonymous comments which stopped it but then lots of people couldn't enter the giveaways - grrrr !

  3. These look delicious, I'm sure I have tried exactly the same thing from somewhere else, I think it was M&S and they were tasty, a strange texture but yummy!

  4. Wow why can't I ever get emails like that?! I'd have to hide them from the kids though otherwise I'd never get a look in!


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