Friday 29 March 2013

Jeanography 'Fit First Time' review ( & enter their giveaway)

Sometimes, an email lands in your inbox with details of a new product or service that makes you go "Yes !!! Finally someone has come up with a solution to a real problem !". I got one just a few weeks ago when Jeanography got in touch looking for bloggers to try out their Fit First Time scheme. It's pure genius. They understand how hard it can be to find the perfect pair of jeans online because different brands have different fits so you can choose three pairs of jeans, try them on in the comfort of your own home then send back the two that you don't want. The returns are free and you don't have to pay anything up front - there really is no catch.

You can either choose three sizes of the same pair or three different models in the same size. You can even choose one pair and let their well-trained stylist recommend two other pairs to try in a size and style that correspond to your profile. Having seen several pairs that caught my eye, I decided to order three specific pairs - the Hudson Gia Mid Rise Skinny in Saville (£195), James Jeans Twiggy Mid Rise Legging in Blue Black (£140) and  the NYDJ Jade Legging Mid Rise Stretch Cotton Jegging in Cobalt (£139.95). Nevertheless, the lovely stylist got in touch (by email and phone) to ask if I wanted to change the size I'd ordered because a couple of the brands that I'd chosen have a generous cut - it's like having your very own personal shopper at your disposal !

Your selected jeans arrive by next day delivery in a resealable cardboard box (to make the returns easy). Inside the box is a drawstring bag containing the three pairs of jeans. If you're a mum of young kids, you will totally appreciate how lovely it is to be able to try on the jeans and take your time looking at yourself in the mirror from all angles without having to worry about kid number 1 complaining she's bored/hungry/wants to go home, kid number 2 pulling open the changing room curtain as you're standing in your undies and kid number 3 having great fun trying all the DD-sized bras on his head as a hat !

They were all very nice jeans but the ones that really leapt out at me were the NYDJ ones, partly because the bright blue colour is totally different to the jeans I already own, but mainly because they are such a lovely fit. They're snug but not tight, hugging you in all the right places and feeling like they've been custom made. NYDJ also have very sneaky Lift Tuck Technology® that allows you to look and feel one size smaller. Maybe that explains why I thought they looked so good !

You may have done a double take at the price - I must admit, I don't usually spend this much on a pair of jeans - but these are high-quality, premium denim labels. I actually could tell the difference, in terms of cut and comfort, compared to my usual high street jeans.

When it was time to send back the two pairs that I didn't want, it was dead easy. I just had to phone TNT on the Freephone number and arrange for them to come and pick up the resealed box and bring the returns label. Having phoned at about 1pm, the man on the other end took down all my details and said someone would call before 6pm. Twenty minutes later, he was there ! The Jeanography stylist had also phoned again to see how I was getting on and whether I was happy with my choices. It really is totally hassle-free and everything is done to make the experience enjoyable and successful.

I know that the price range is probably out of reach for a lot of mums working to a tight budget, so I would love to see Jeanography - and all other online clothing retailers - offer this service for lower priced clothing too. It's a fabulous idea and one that is ideal for people who hate trying on clothes instore, with or without kids in tow !

Well done Jeanography - it's definitely a jean-ius idea !

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Disclosure : I was allowed to keep my favourite pair of jeans so that I could try out the Fit First Time service and write an honest review.

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