Wednesday 27 March 2013

Yellow Moon Easter Crafting Supplies review

We've been having a good old crafting session this afternoon - we did attempt a trip to the park but, despite the sunshine, it was bitterly cold so we only lasted half an hour ! Luckily, we had lots of Easter-themed craft kits to keep us busy back at home because Yellow Moon had sent us through a fabulous package of Easter goodies.

First up, all three Madhouse Mini-testers wanted to try out the Easter Bonnet Kits. There are three complete kits in a pack which was absolutely ideal (although almost all of the goodies we received came in packs of three so I think someone at Yellow Moon had done their homework and gone for a squabble-free package with everything in threes for us !). The cardboard hats are very simple to put together, although we opted for sticky tape rather than glue because I wasn't sure they'd stick properly otherwise.

The Madhouse Mini-testers excitedly discovered a bag full of Easter-themed foam stickers in the bottom of the box and tipped the whole lot out all over the table.

They made short work of them, using up the whole bagful on their bonnets ! Pierre looks quite sad but he's actually just concentrating really hard !

Where did you get that hat ?! At The Madhouse, obviously !

Juliette had her eye on the Sequin Egg Kits next - you get a polystyrene egg, some ribbon and a whole pile of sequins with (blunt) platic pins to push the sequins into place.

Older children or even adults will be able to make very neat rows of sequins, but 3-year-old Pierre had a great time stabbing them in randomly all over his egg and it actually still looked quite good at the end.

Sophie took ages doing hers to make it look perfect and it did look really good at the end. I didn't hear a sound out of them while they were doing this activity and they managed it all by themselves, with the girls helping Pierre from time to time, while I wandered off to get dinner ready.

Sophie had spotted some Egg Decoration Sewing Kits and asked to do them once I'd put Pierre to bed.

You get pre-cut felt shapes with holes punched to make sewing easier, a large plastic blunt needle and some thread. Once you've sewn and stuffed the eggs, you use the adhesive shapes to create a cute design on the front.

Sophie loved making these and managed them all by herself, with just a little help threading the needle and tying off the knots. She made one for Pierre and one for Juliette, keeping the final one for herself. They're very simple but the end product is very impressive and very cute.

We still have a few kits left to play with at the weekend - some Easter baskets that will be ideal for going Easter egg hunting.

The Foam Crowns look great fun too.

As well as the foam stickers which we used on the Easter bonnets, we also have some Fun Tattoos and some long stickers that could be used for decorating eggs - that sounds like a fun Easter breakfast, decorated boiled eggs !

And last but not least, some Easter cards ready for us to colour in.

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Disclosure : We received a selection of Easter crafting kits in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Looks like you had a LOT of fun with all this stuff. Bunny would've loved all that. xx

  2. Awesome!! this looks like fun! I love the eggs with sequins on :) I miss Easter now lol x


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