Monday 25 March 2013

The Panda Guide to Love !

Last week was so hectic that I didn't have time to properly read all the emails that kept pinging into my inbox. I've been having a good catch-up over the weekend and several of them - including this one - have made me smile, so I thought I'd share it with you. In any case, it sounds like a blooming good excuse for eating Wispas !


The Panda Guide to Love…or how to get it on when you’re not in the mood (almost always!)

The Lover’s Guide for Pandas trying to mate courtesy of Cadbury Wispa is launched this weekend as March is the month of love according to experts at Edinburgh Zoo. Keepers are forecasting that their two giant pandas, Sunshine and Sweetie, will mate this month, however, the animals are notoriously slow to show interest in the mating process. It would be the first time that panda cubs would have been born in captivity in the UK and we all want to hear the pitter patter of tiny paws. So help is at hand from the makers of Cadbury Wispa who believe that pandas are just like us when trying to be romantic and partial to ‘Wispa-ing sweet nothings and Time Well Mis-Spent’. Follow this guide and we’ll have panda parents!

Building up strength, our pandas enjoy time well mis-spent on a romantic Boris bike trip for two

Diamonds are a Bear’s best friend. What panda wouldn’t fall for the offer of a band of gold

Bamboo is the way to a girl’s heart, if you’re a panda

50 Shades of monochrome in panda prose

Proclaiming panda love by poem, better than doing handstands and urinating against the wall

On the theme of pandas, and just to keep my sister - who is a HUGE McFly fan - happy, here's a video of the McFly boys running around in panda suits in honour of the WWF's Earth Hour which was this weekend too !

Disclosure : I *may* have been bribed with the offer of free Wispas, but I'd have shared this story with you anyway because the pictures made me laugh ! 

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