Monday 25 March 2013

Occasions Smurfs review

I used to collect Smurfs when I was a child, buying one every week with my pocket money (apart from the weeks when I saved up to buy one of the more expensive Super-Smurfs). I therefore felt all nostalgic when I was asked recently if I'd like to review Schleich's new range of Occasions Smurfs.

The new range features eight different Smurfs, each one representing a special occasion. They would be great as a special gift or keepsake to mark special life events, or just to add to any Smurf-fan's collection.

The new Smurfs are :

- Bride and Groom Smurfs : This set of two figurines sees Groom Smurf lovingly carrying a giggling Smurfette dressed in a beautiful wedding dress. I instantly thought that these would be great as a quirky wedding cake topper in place of the traditional bride and groom and smiled to see that the press release made the same suggestion !

- Valentine’s Day Smurf  – His not-so-subtle giant pink heart and coy expression really says “I love you”. Great as an alternative anniversary present or perhaps even as a fun way to propose?!

- Don’t just say sorry, show you truly mean it with Sorry Smurf. His wobbly bottom lip begs forgiveness and is bound to help crack a smile and mend a friendship – and if that wasn’t enough, his big green sign really spells it out.

- Thank You Smurf - He knows there’s no better way of showing appreciation than with a huge bunch of cheerful yellow flowers and a big grin.

- Birthday Smurf who’s ready to celebrate with a delicious cake, candle and party hat.

- For an original way of congratulating new parents, adorable Baby Smurf with his open arms and dummy detail is ideal and will also act a charming keepsake for the new arrival too.

- Get Well Soon Smurf is certain to help lift spirits with his comical thermometer and beautiful bouquet – and what’s more he’s the perfect size for popping into a card too.

- Party Smurfette is ready to throw the biggest and best celebration of the year and she definitely looks the part with a stunning gold hat and pink dress. This pretty and quirky figurine is a fun gift for all Smurf fans who like a party, she’s even sitting in a giant cocktail glass - smurfy! I think this one would be great as a Congratulations gift, maybe for a new job, promotion or graduation.

Like all of Schleich’s figures, Occasion Smurfs are individually hand painted with Schleich’s trademark exceptional attention to detail which really brings the Smurfs to life! They're suitable for any Smurf fan aged 3+.

star rating : 5/5

 RRP £3.39

available from Amazon.

Disclosure : I received a selection of Occasions Smurfs in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Goodness me do they still make these?!

  2. Smurfs, wow I feel nostalgic. Schleich are so good, we have been collecting the animals but I may have to add a few of these in too.


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